Is Nnamdi Kanu right for calling Nigeria 'A Zoo'?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Izu, Jun 23, 2016.

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    God! Let Nnamdi Kanu be wrong!
    Seeing what is online as the headless trunk of the stripped, harked to death and eventually beheaded Bridget, I have to question my power of perception. I have come to wonder if after all, Nnamdi Kanu had been right all along.
    He called Nigeria a Zoo, and I personally objected. He called the ruling elites animals in the Zoo, and I again objected, even clearly revealing opposition and distaste for his preachment.
    For me, too bad that Bridget, a struggling wife, mother of kids and contributor to the wellbeing of her family and kindred has been harked to death, on the judgment of miscreants in service of overlords. But every person will die, sooner or later.

    But it is worse that our President deliberately, knowingly, stepped in to impede investigation and justice. His statement, peaking in the admonition that "...we learn to respect other people's faith...blah...blah...blah" is the most disturbing, being insensitive, precipitate and arrogant. 

    Is it the real shape of things to come? Have we been deceived all along? Could Ibrahim Babangida have been right in his summation that Buhari had not the right orientation to rule Nigeria as a State of many colouration and sentiments?
    While I am yet to state that I think Nnamdi Kanu had been right all along, I hereby summon the courage to say, I take back every word I had uttered against him in my many comments and analysis of his forays in freedom fighting. 
    What is happening today cannot be said to be mere accidents:

    1. Herdsmen slaughter our people, aged, women, young and sick on the beds at night (typical way of cowards).
    2. Cattle sellers just killed one in Niger State. 
    3. Soldiers in Onitsha butchered at least 30 just last week, some were saif to habe been draghed down from their hospital beds and murdered in cold blood.
    4. Now, it is a hapless market woman, ekking a living in a local kasua, in Kano!
    5. Prior to this, there was Gideon Akaluka was killed in like manner and his head spiked and used to march the open streets of Kano.
    6. Over a hundred have been killed in Anambra State by soldiers claiming they were fignting IPOB and MASSOB, two groups that openly declared non-armed struggle for secession.
    7. The usual taunting has followed. I read one just a while ago: "are there no Hausa in the South East?" One poster posed, and added. "Let your people touch them and be sure no single Igbo man will leave Kano alive".
    Back to my history books, I vividly remember the reported statement of one of the delegates to the Adhoc Constitutional Conference in Lagos, in 1966. "Ibos are still complaining because they have not been taught a lesson." What followed was the larger pogrom of September/October that year.
    Remember, then, the Igbo who managed to escape the pogrom of July 1966 were pacified by Ojukwu to return to the North on assurances of Gowon that there was not going to be any further attack on them. What befell them in September/October/November same year was unimaginable. 
    The real genocide!
    Ndigbo, Think Home!
    These are indeed troubled times

    By Igbonekwu Ogazimorah
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    Comment 1. - mmmm beautiful analysis. Sometimes I wonder if Nnamdi Kanu is a prophet. Sir you said we should think home right but are we even safe at home?
    Reply - Are you safe where you are?Most of you have been made to believe home is haven for witched and wizards and all forms of diabolic influences but we here do see just what other Nigerians are witnessing in our daily toil and to put it better, there more of those things out there where you are than at home here so?

    2. Ugbolu one ka ife ga'eme ndi igbo tupu anyi amara ni ihe eeee! Umu Igbo, think home! Our population, our striving as a people is enough to generate a robust economy that would draw the whole of Africa to Igbo land, for business and economic solutions. We have paid too great a sacrifice as as the dispersed nation. And very much unappreciated. Taa bu gboo!

    3. Really, it still bets my imagination how some people in Igbo land campaigned for this man looking at his antecedents and worse still the vehicle that brought him to power which I describe as a crude ethnic platform. Well that is past and coming to the issue f going home, it is already too late so my advocacy is Biafra where we will be nationals of another country with full diplomatic cover. That way, we will still do our business and prosper in any place but with better security net over us. How many times have we been massacred in any other country? That's my point and take.

    4. I had always known that in as much as Buhari,a fanatic,an extremist and a hater of igbos is in power,we igbos will have it hot.

    5. We all may not support Kanu 's approach, but all he has said about Nigeria are all through. I just read my ANIMAL FARM again by George Orwell. Nigeria Is is indeed an animal farm.

    6. I cannot respect a religion that mocks human life and human person", the statement read in part. Now, tell me what I have not been able to deduce from this message and it's overall meaning. What religion is the Papal talking about, Sir? Meanwhile, Ozo Igbonaekwu as always, has made my day. On my own, i have never tuned in to Radio Biafra even till this moment I am making this comment. I have had series of argument with it's adherents owing to the annoying gullibility I see in all of them. But, I have also come to the conclusion that I was wrong all the while. Yes, I may not be a fan of Kanu, though I support his call for division of this failed state, I have also come to a sad realisation that Nigeria is indeed worse than a zoo. Islam? God forbid i have anything in common with it. It breads barbarism. Simple!
    If after seeing all the absurdities going on in this country, you still go ahead to white-wash a tomb to make it appealing for "i-don't-know-what", your people should be worried about what is wrong with you. NIGERIA IS A ZOO, IT IS WORSE THAN A ZOO AND IT IS A TOMB WHERE THE BLOOD OF THE SAINTS ARE SPILLED AND BURIED. WE DO NOT HAVE A PRESIDENT. Now, i am shouting it hard and high. We do not have a country, we never had one. Let everyone go there seperate ways. Is that asking for too much?

    7. I am weeping as I read this your post.And then I ask:Where are the Igbo psychophants and cheap relevance seekers who usually go to Aso Rock to talk on behalf of people they dont talk with at home?Is Bridget's case not enough for them to go to Aso Rock or maybe,this case has no political gain or because they know the apostle of fake "change" will snub them or possibly,that a visit may seem embarrassing to the herdsman who may now stop the appointments those fake Igbo leaders are hovering for.

    8. I want to believe that the culprit are known people. Let the brought to book in account of their animalistic behavior by the governor publicly. This will serve as a deterrent to others, otherwise, the government is responsible.

    9. Mbaka and his TREM counterpart, Bishop Mike Okonkwo no longer talk. They've all lost their voices. But posterity I know, will never forgive them. Mad Men deceiving the gullible Igbos with ridiculous Bible verses. Am done with these Godforsaken foreign religions. Igbos in Kano and other parts of the North should not come back, they should remain there. Who's begging them to think home? No way, I can't beg them again. Am done begging them. It's now their turn to beg me to welcome them anytime they finally find their feats to return home.

    10. We shall continue to see the confessions of those who was thinking that they are wiser and more civil than Nnamdi Kanu ,the man who saw tomorrow ..I can also tell some you arrogant and stupid people who never saw anything good in his struggle to free"you of hausa/fulani slavery that d beheading is just a sign of what is to come, unless u wake up.

    11. It suggests that she actually blasphemed Islam, and therefore got what she deserved. Meanwhile, an eyewitness account, a Muslim for that matter stated otherwise. That bit of the release negated the apology. Now let us look at the history of a man telling us "Let us respect each other's faith so that we can know each other and live in peace." - President Buhari, 4th June 2016. Remember Buhari at a Christian program in 2015 with a cap on his head. Is this not disrespect for Christianity?

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