Is this true About Hausa Influence in the Northern Minorities?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by izu, Aug 26, 2016.

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    I saw this pretty interesting post from someone, is it true about Hausa Influence in the Northern Minorities? How can this be replicated by the great Igbo tribe?
    I just have a message for the eastern igbos here. Sometimes i really wonder if the igbos have studied the lives of the hausas and how come the hausas tend to have the greatest influence in Nigeria.
    The hausas never narrow their political influence or identity to hausa land alone.
    For those igbos here claiming that some people should drop their names or whatever. This is something you can never hear a hausa man say. Many southernerns do not know that Boko haram itself is not founded by hausas. Kanuri people of Borno state are the ones who formed Boko haram and majority of boko haram members are kanuris and not hausas nor fulanis, but you will never hear the hausas deny these kanuri people in spite of the international shame the kanuris have brought on hausa land.
    Late Sani Abacha was a pure kanuri man, but he claimed Kano (a hausa state) as his state of origin and no hausa ever came out to deny Sani Abacha in spite of the bad reputation he gave to them.

    I am from the middlebelt part of the country and many of our people despise hausas seriously, we clash with hausas so much, yet we still answer hausa names and even speak hausa as our general language, this thing pains many hausas a lot, but even at that they will hardly tell us to stop speaking their language or answering their names.

    The current speaker of the house of representatives (Yakubu Dogara) is a christian from Bauchi state, sayawa by tribe, his people and hausas do not see each other eye to eye. Infact some years ago, his people killed and chased all hausas away from their town (Tafawa balewa) in Bauchi state. At all these you will never hear a hausa man tell Dogara to drop his hausa surname because Dogara is a pure hausa name.

    Hausas have come to understand that in spite of the differences they have with the northern minorities, they know that the northern minorities have also been a blessing to them and have secured favour to them. That is why the Sardauna told them to use northern minorities as willing tools.
    Tafawa balewa himself is from Tafawa balewa town where his people have killed all the hausas and muslims in the town, but on the other hand, have they not brought prestige to the hausas?

    Just like some aniomas here have been claiming, there are many tribes in Edo, Delta and even Kogi and Kwara who answer yoruba names and many of these people have also brought disgrace to yoruba nation, but u will never hear the yorubas tell anyone to stop speaking their language or answering their names just like the hausas too.

    Igbos really need to understand some things.
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    Another point -

    I think Eastern Igbos are the ones who always bark at the western igbos and insult them whenever any one of them denies igbo, this is What gives many of them an increased vigour to deny being igbo the more. One single anioma person denying igbo is not enough reason for an eastern igbo to insult the whole Anioma because that is what i see many eastern igbos doing.
    Eastern Igbos must learn to understand the complexities these western igbos have faced from history till now that has shaped them uniquely. Igbos should never argue with an anioma person over anything whether he denies igbo or not.

    Do u people know that Kanuri people despise and look down on hausas in the past? It is just gradually changing now. A hausa man can never produce a political position in Borno state, a hausa man can never lead kanuris in a mosque in borno state, but hausas have allowed a Kanuri man to become governor of Kano state (the largest hausa state).
    A true senior brother will always treat his junior one with wisdom and kindness no matter how rough or tough the junior one behaves. This is the true show of wisdom that the hausas have used in uniting all Northern muslims over the years. Many of you may not know this.
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    I do not agree everything he said above but he made points, let us learn to endure others.

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