Is this True about Northern Nigeria?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Izu, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Funny fact about Northern Nigeria, do you think it's true?
    ✳ President -North.
    ✳ Senate President -North
    ✳ Speaker House of Reps - North.
    ✳ PDP National Chairman - North.
    ✳ Head of Service - North.
    ✳ INEC Chairman - North.
    ✳ Chief Justice of federation - North.
    ✳ President Court of Appeal - North.
    ✳ EFCC Chairman - North.
    ✳ President Federal high court - North.
    ✳ National Security Adviser - North.
    ✳ Chief of Defense Staff - North.
    ✳ Chief of Naval Staff - North.
    ✳ Controller, Customs
    Service - North.
    ✳ Defence Minister-North.
    ✳ MD Port Authority- North.
    ✳ MD NDIC - North
    ✳ Controller Prison Services - North.
    ✳ Richest man in Africa - North.
    ✳ 85% of Petroleum Marketers in Nigeria - Northerners.
    ✳ 80% of Oil Block Owners in Nigeria - Northerners.
    ✳ 99% of beggars in Nigeria - Northerners
    ✳ Boko Haram - North.

    Yet, the Poorest states in Nigeria and Educationally
    backward areas in Nigeria are in the North. Now, ask yourself, what is the problem of the Northerners? Keep forwarding till it get to all their leaders may be they will have to re-think....
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    Still from another poster -
    Then I ask; Why is northern Nigeria still adjudged to be the poorest region/people in subsaharan Africa after solely ruling Nigeria for whooping 38yrs with military decree where no one questioned them? After controlling Nigeria for 38yrs and hijacking most of the oil wells, Why is northern Nigeria parading an estimated 10million stack illiterates youths who are now most willing tools in the able hands of terror kingpins?
    Why couldn't they use this opportunity to bridge the wide educational gap between the north and south?
    Why couldnt their big men use the proceeds from the oil wells the y hijacked from Niger Delta to develop and educate the northern youths?
    Why is the north very much afraid of being autonomous after such a very long term control of Nigeria and her resources???
    Why? Why? Why? Why?

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