It's Igbo not Ibo.

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by izu, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    Hello there, please the spelling and pronunciation of the great Igbo Nation is IGBO and not Ibo.
    All points not ignored, we are Igbo, we want to be addressed as Igbo. Please stop confusing yourself and others in the process. As I said above, all points and arguments remains valid but let it be known to all, we are Igbo.

  2. Arinzechukwu

    Arinzechukwu New Member

    Can we please start this campaign in a big way? On twitter, facebook, whatsapp etc using good graphics, memes, gifs and other platforms/formats.

    I am very much interested
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  3. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    I agree, we will however need a good graphic designer which I am very bad at.
    @Onye may be of help in this regard.
  4. Arinzechukwu

    Arinzechukwu New Member

    @Onye nwanna! Call to serve.
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  5. Onye

    Onye Admin Staff Member

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