I've Joined the Fight against Corruption at Home.

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    I have just realized that I don't have savings enough to do what I planned to achieve at this stage of my life. I have also reckoned that I could have done better if my wife is not suspected to be corrupt. She keeps denying it but I have now decided to do the unthinkable- to probe her. Yes, I will probe her. Only the people who benefit from corruption would talk about washing dirty linen in the public. I don't care. I want to leave a legacy for my neighbour's
    children. My children are exempted.

    To head the probe of my wife is my mother who is a chartered auditor, my sister, and my girlfriend. You can see that they are all graduates and are females who should know a fellow woman better.
    I have been going through my wife's personal bank account before our marriage sixteen years ago and have noticed some discrepancies. I also noticed some payments from people who are not related to her.
    I need to tell the whole world that I will regard as high treason any lodgments in to my wife's account from FRIENDS and other suspicious parties. They must have diverted funds meant for the upkeep of their own families to mine. That I was served with the food from such payments is not an excuse because as a husband, I am entitled to any food served in my own house.
    I will also scrutinize my family feeding impress account and compare amounts I gave her for food and supplies in the store discounting the ones eaten. Yes from 2001 to date.
    I have also called for a DNA test of my kids even if they resemble me as I can't be training another man's children. I may have to exhume my father's body to ascertain if he actually gave birth to me. All records must be in order. Effective immediately, all domestic servants shall be my relatives to manage the flow of information and for security reasons.
    I have suspended all investments that will benefit my wife and children until investigations are completed. They must have patience. I'm a man of principle and I can't condone lack of accountability.
    However, my wife and children have nothing to fear as long as they have nothing to hide. I know that my relations and those I didn't marry from their
    families would not like my current disposition but only time will tell.
    What is so paramount is that I am seen as an incorruptible man even though my house is on fire.
    I will be briefing journalists of my findings as all evils must be exposed as soon as they are identified. I plan to do all these and don't expect my equally educated
    and financially independent wife not to react. I also expect my in-laws to clap while I humiliate their only daughter.

    I also believe that all the native doctors and criminals in her village would not find reason to practice their trade on me without a blame.
    By Anaya Nwosu.

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