Featured Kayode Yusuf - The President, Hypocrites Association of Nigeria.

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    One certain man full of hate against the ever progressive Igbo people cannot hide his hate towards Ndigbo. This is what he wrote against IPOB members that were massacred on

    30th May, 2016 -
    Kayode Yusuf said:
    IPOB members(Biafrans) are stupid. The army killed only 30 and they are making noise. They should have wiped them all off. What do you mean by unarmed protester? They are dangerous even though unarmed. They should be killed. I praise the Nigerian army.

    on 7th July, 2016 - and incident that led to the killing of a black American -
    Kayode Yusuf said:
    I wonder how the USA white police are so heartless. Why kill a man whose hands are pinned to the ground and who has been subdued and pinned to the ground? This is a violation of his basic human right. People should protest until this wrong is corrected.
    Kayode Yusuf is a hypocrite full of hate against Igbo people, he is the President, Hypocrite Association of Nigeria.
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