Knowledge is the root of excellence; but wisdom is the beauty of understanding.

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    Knowledge is the root of excellence; but wisdom is the beauty of understanding. It takes great minds to understand mysteries. Hence, mysteries aren't for kids. Wherefore, it is believed I'm speaking to great minds of my time. The very secret of success is shrouded in hardwork and perseverance.
    Unless you move through the flames and feel their hotness; you'll never be refined. Unless you find your way through the waters; you'll never know to swim. Pleasures without pains are mere dreams without realities. It takes the tough to get going in the toughest of time, but the weak usually will grow weaker. Survival of the fittest theory isn't for the strongest; but for the most adaptive. What matters isn't how many times a word is said, but how many times the word is remembered.

    Now hear me; every life is beautiful, purposeful and successful; but no life succeeds without conquering its environment. Nobody can exploit their environment without defeating it. A bed of roses, is a bed of losses! You've got to master your pains so as to persevere. Only a coward avoids pains to be a slave. It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven. Every life has its torments, its troubles, its obstacles and its hells. For a student, your hells are the wars on campus, the struggle to read, understand, write and graduate colourfully. This is never easy! But reign in your pain. Stand up to it! Hit on! Stay awake! Work it out!
    Learn your weakness, improve on it. Do your work yourself that you may learn the secret. In hell, there's no respite, no pleasure, no rest until you reign. And you'll only reign when you master the flames. If it is business; bend down, do away with pride, don't think about what people will say, just focus. Don't enjoy with your master, don't compete with him, don't drink from the same table with him, don't go to party with him. Focus on the secret of the business. Yes, the pains therein are your own hells. But the day you master them, you'll reign than serve. If it is at workplace; keep away pleasures, compete not with your boss. Learn the secret of the job.

    I know it is often painful; but the day you master the pain, you'll reign. I see so many boys and girls run away from their homes due to momentary hardships to find refuge in the houses of their wealthy pals. Yes, you are welcome to heaven, but it is better to remain in Hell and learn to adapt than to lose adaptability and remain a slave. You can't watch the TV at will, you can't sleep at a place of your choice, you can't rest at will, you can't make use of their cars without permission, you can't go out with them without invitation, you can't bathe with hot water without permission. Are you not a slave in heaven?
    You will do all odd jobs and accept all kinds of insults because you refused to master your pains, difficulties and hardships at home. When you master your pains, you'll become unaffected. There is no easy life without a consequence. They may allow you use their cars, making you feel high in the streets, but remember you don't belong there, no matter how hard you expel the truth from your heart. Someday, you'll be reminded your origin! You'll be called "Poor Fool". Why not master your pains? Why not struggle? Why run away to heaven as to be a slave? Nobody is destined to be poor for ever. It is just a matter of time. A matter of hard work and prayer.

    A matter of patience. Though weeping endures by night; but joy comes by morning! You can defeat your own hell. It could be relationship problem, running away due to hardship or no money is usually not the best. Yes, you may run to a man or woman that has the cash, but the treatments you'll receive will be likened to those given to slaves. You see! You're in heaven yet a slave. But your former relationship may be the hell, but with time, you'll master it and reign therein. This spreads across all walks of life.

    By Abosi Obasi Albert.

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