Let's define Hypocrisy!

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    Hypocrisy is the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

    Lets take a look at the recent events involving two different Major tribes in Nigeria, one condemned the action of the other but later did something of much lower standard.
    Biafra is one topic that has been heavily discussed in Nigeria and beyond for the past 18 months. One Biafran activist Nnamdi Kanu was arrested by DSS, charges where brought against him in two different courts which was discharged by the presiding judges as baseless, in each of the court sitting their was an order for his immediate unconditional release. The Nigerian Federal Government under the administration of Muhammadu Buhari failed to adhere to the court order which triggered multiple protests in all parts of Southeastern Nigeria, some parts of 'Southsouth' and Lagos. The protesters were mostly Igbo people demanding the release of their brother and leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as ordered by the law court and to be excluded from Nigeria as they don't want to be a part of the country any longer because the various action and set up of Nigeria which have excluded most benefit and entitlement to them as a part of the country.
    This numerous protests was aggressively condemned by the Yoruba people from Southwestern Nigeria, calling them 'touts', 'idiots','jobless people','uncivilized people' etc.

    Fast-forward to November 2016 when the same Yoruba youths protested because Tinubu, a Yoruba man is being sidelined by the Buhari faction of APC. Those fully employed, very civilized, intelligent, wise people are out on the road protesting because one man is being sidelined by a faction of a political party. They are not protesting for a cause, they are not protesting for justice, they absolutely have no point in their protest and the best thing is that those people they were cursing when they protested did not even care or have time for them when they did theirs.

    Now, tell me please - what better defines hypocrisy? People protesting for justice and a cause being condemned by those who protested for just no cause but a man being sidelined by a faction of political party. This I believe is the best definition of HYPOCRISY! If this is not the best example of it then I wonder what can define it more!
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