List of the Sacked Nigerian Army Officers by their Tribes and Regions.

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    There have an uproar of a controversial sack of Nigerian high ranking army officers in Nigeria army, those officers were allegedly involved in the past Nigerian general election to an extent.
    One of the main reasons behind the uproar is most of them are from Southern Nigeria expecially from South East and South South, another annoying fact is a great percentage of them are Igbos. Below is the list, see for yourself -

    Maj. Gen TC Ude (SE or Igbo)
    Maj. Gen LC Ilo (SE or Igbo)
    Maj. Gen IN Ijoma (SE or Igbo)
    Maj. Gen O Ejimai (SE or Igbo)
    Maj. Gen PAT Akem (SS)
    Maj. Gen ED Atewe (SS)
    Maj. Gen Letam Wiwa -Younger brother of
    murdered Environmental Rights activist and
    author, Ken Saro-Wiwa (SS)
    Maj. Gen FO Alli (SS)
    Maj. Gen Mobolaji Koleoso (SW)
    Maj. Gen SD Aliyu (MB)
    Maj. General MY Ibrahim
    Brig. Gen GO Agachi (SE or Igbo)
    Brig. Gen Okonkwo (SE or Igbo)
    Brig. Gen Ogidi (SE or Igbo)
    Brig. Gen Koko Essien (SS)
    Brig. Gen PE Ekpeyong (SS)
    Brig. Gen Bright Fiboinumama (SS)
    Brig. Gen. M. Onoyiveta (SS)
    Brig Gen IMD Lawson (SS)
    Brig Gen Oyefesobi (SW)
    Brig. Gen AI Onibasa (SW)
    Brig Gen Bashir Mormoni (MB)
    Brig. Gen AH Sa’ad -Former ADC to late
    President Musa Yar'adua
    Brig. Gen MG Ali
    Brig. Gen LN Bello
    Brig. Gen D Abdusalam
    Col. CK Ukoha (SE or Igbo)
    Col. OU Nwankwo (SE or Igbo)
    Col. Nicholas Achinze -Dasuki’s ADC (SE or
    Col. Tonye F Minimah –Younger brother of
    former Chief of Army Staff, LT. General
    Kenneth Minimah (SS)
    Col. FD Kayode (SW)
    Col. Ojogbane Adegbe –ADC to former
    President Goodluck Jonathan (MB)
    Col. Audu (MB)
    Col. DR Hassan
    Col. MA Suleiman
    Lt. Col GC Nyekwu (SE or Igbo)
    Lt. Col C Enechukwu (SE or Igbo)
    Lt. Col CO Amadi (SE or Igbo)
    Lt. Col Adimoha (SE or Igbo)
    Lt. Col OC Egemode (SS)
    Lt. Col TE Arigbe (SW)
    Lt. Col TO Oladuntoye (SW)
    Lt. Col Baba Ochankpa (MB)
    Lt. Col DB Dazang (MB)
    Lt. Col A Mohammed
    Lt. Col AS Mohammed
    Maj. TA Williams (SW).

    Do you see any controversy?
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    Or maybe I should use a more 'professional' word for the action - they were RETIRED by Buhari.

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