Mbaise Culture and Identity by Linda Nneji.

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    A people without a culture can equally be said to be non-existent for culture is that which defines us as humans in this planet. Yes, our culture is our identity; makes us different from the lot thus, the most variable tool for our identification. As an Igbo indigene, as a true Mbaise son/daughter, we are always proud of our cultural values for in that lies the true meaning and essence of life. In them, we are fulfilled just as their most regrettable continuous erosion especially since the end of the Civil war; is the reason for most of the social vices and most condemnable moral decadence in our Society today. How many of us are even conscious of this impeccable truth?

    The time has come for all of us to put heads together towards re-invoking, reinvigorating and modifying those cultural values to fit into the jet age; with the sole purpose of teaching the younger and future generation those right parts that made us who we are in all ramifications. Instead of the home videos that end-up putting crazy ideas in the heads of our younger generation, why don’t we digitally document our folklores and other traditional performances so that our children can learn from the uncommon wisdom of our forefathers?

    In line with this, a million thanks to Sir Law Osondu (President Mbaise USA Inc), Ochiagha Ano Anyanwu (Chairman Mbaise People’s Congress), Mr Emeka Akpunku (CEO/FOUNDER Check Cashing Grand Prairie), Ezeji Alozie Aguwa (Chairman 2016 Mbaise USA Inc Convention), Dr Mrs Agatha Anosike (Chairperson 2016 Mbaise USA Inc Medical Mission) and Dr Adanze Aguwa (Medical Director 2016 Mbaise USA Inc Medical Mission); for seeing the need to preserve some of those cultural values for which we are known.

    These most respected Mbaise sons and daughters sponsored the production of a Video album of most of our Folklores and the special “Abigolo” (Abia Igolo) which was used to showcase young maidens in the olden days to potential Suitors. “…Our cultural values are fast going into extinction and that is not good for us as a people hence, there is the need to make conscious efforts towards revitalizing such values…”; those are the words of Sir Law Osondu on his motivation towards making sure that this project sees the light of the day. In the words of Ochiagha Ano Anyanwu, “…our customs and traditions make us who we are and all efforts must be made to see that those cultural values for which we are known for; do not go into extinction…”

    For Mr Emeka Akpunku, “…no matter what, one should always think home and documenting our cultural values is one of the ways to make us think home always for our own good, the good of our children and that of our motherland…”. “…Revitalizing such values that we held to a high esteem while growing up and that became our guide; is one of the best gifts we can give to our children and the younger generation…”- Ezeji Alozie Aguwa. Dr Mrs Agatha Anosike in her own words said, “…a lot of things have gone amiss in our society because most parents are no longer conscious of those cultural values that made us let alone teach them to the younger generation…” Also, according to Dr Adanze Aguwa, “…documenting our cultural values using modern-day gadgets such that they can be easily accessible to the younger ones, is one of the best ways to resuscitate our cultural values and pass them on diligently…”

    This laudable idea was the brain child of Eze Elect Prof Mark C Odu, Ishi Ozo Mbu Amaohuru Autonomous Commnity and it was supervised/directed by yours truly. According to Prof Mark Odu, there is the need for every Igbo man or woman resident outside the shores of Igbo Land to come back towards the rebuilding of our great Motherland and there is no other better way that would be most appropriate if not to make them feel that nostalgia for home. “…each time they listen to this album, they cannot but remember and think home just as their children will never stop learning from what we did here today…” He went further to thank the members of Mbaise USA Inc and the Chairman of Mbaise People’s Congress for making this project necessitated by his not coming to the 9th Mbaise USA Inc Annual Convention due to some unavoidable circumstances; a reality.

    To all those who saw the need and made this a reality even on a very short notice, we say THANK YOU. This sure is one of those great innovations that will spice-up this year’s Convention and it is going to be a continuous project; God Willing. Efforts will be made to improve on what we did today in the coming years and to make it more comprehensive for the entire Mbaise Nation. Yes, there is the need to revitalize, resuscitate and re-invigorate our cultural values by documenting them in gadgets that are accessible to all and sundry especially our youths.


    Written by Linda Nnaji.
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