Featured Miss Chidinma Okoke (Miss Anambra) Sex Video Scandal, my View.

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Izu, Oct 28, 2016.

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    I wanted to remain silent on the trending Miss Anambra Sex video scandal but it seems like no one is rightfully advising her. I don't subscribe to those that are continuously condemning her, however, I condemn that trashy action. She don't only brought shame to herself, her family but Igbo people as a whole. Say what you like but in our society today, it's a shameful act.

    I couldn't have cared if it is her private life, nay, it isn't. For a young lady that is the ambassador of up coming young ladies in Anambra State, it was a show of shame; let's stop 'biting' words. My dear young ladies, do not let anyone video you whatever you are doing in private, it always have a very BAD ending in this our society.

    This is what I learned from a bit of information around - Chidinma Okeke wanted that position badly and was ready to 'anything' to get it. A wicked man with resources was ready to 'invest' on the 'business' but wanted to 'protect' his investment hence the video.
    After Chidinma was crowned 'Miss Anambra', she fall off with the man for a reason not known to me. Their issue escalated prior to the release of the video.

    My conclusion - The only condition for tying rope round your neck and handing it to someone is if you don't care about being hanged. Chidinma as it seems did not understand this.
    Let this be a lesson everyone, never put your tomorrow in the hand of anyone, people could be heartless. As it seems now, there are dirtier videos not yet released. Anambra State Government should be intervene to stop further embarrassment.
    The man should be arrested and prosecuted.

    That's what I have to say.
    Daalu nu.

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