Ndigbo never Lagged in Education - A Reply to Ben Murray-Bruce.

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by Izu, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Latest Facebook update by Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce from Bayelsa State which stated that South Eastern States which consists mainly of Ndigbo lagged in education and poor child school enrollment 20 years ago has been rebutted by an Igbo daughter - Ifeyinwa China Onyeabo. Below is the Ben Bruce's update -

    Below is the rebuttal from Mrs Ifeyinwa China Onyeabo -

    With due respect, I disagree with Ben Murray Bruce. The igbo have never lagged behind In Education.
    The igbo celebrating this update by Mr..Common sense should come and explain to me what they are celebrating please.
    The Igbo culture emphasis individualism and competitiveness and this gave the igbo an edge over the Hausa/Fulani man who was hindered by a "wary religion” and the Yoruba man who was hampered by” traditional hierarchies. (I borrowed the words In inverted commas).
    It is on record that the Igbo overcame the earlier Yoruba advantage within two decades earlier in the twentieth century. We must however recognise the fact that the Yoruba had a huge historical and geographical head start BUT the Igbo wiped out their handicap in one fantastic burst of energy in the twenty years between 1930 and 1950.
    The earlier advantage of the Yoruba was contingent on their location on the coastline, but once the missionaries crossed the Niger, the Igbo took advantage of the opportunity and overtook the Yoruba.
    The increase was so exponential in such a short time that within three short decades the Igbos had closed the gap and quickly moved ahead as the group with the highest literacy rate, the highest standard of living, and the greatest of citizens with post secondary education in Nigeria.

    The failure to celebrate and copy this example is the bane of Nigerian development.
    Nowadays, you see people still being pampered to go to school under the shameful description of educationally less developed attributing expo to brilliant kids.
    Check out the names of Igbo army officers after independence and where they got their training. A handful went through Sandhurst.

    I do not want to digress. Ben Bruce failed to make common sense here. Perhaps only in the area where he admonished the government and other regions to copy the Igbo example and to some extent, the hitherto poor boy child school enrollment.
    Senator Ben should quietly delete that update please or edit it properly to reflect the true situation. He has large number of followers so he should be careful while writing things like this.
    Credits to Ifeyinwa China Onyeabo.
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    To add my own
    She is totally correct, saying that Igbo lagged in education in Nigeria is slap-worthy. However, I may not blame Ben since I don't think he was brought up in Nigeria. When the colonial masters introduced religion to Igboland, they accompanied it with education and both worked hand in hand. Many titled men sent their children to learn Whitemen magic,in Chinua Achebe's novel 'Arrow of god', Ezeulu who is supposed to be a chief priest of the great Ulu deity and should be against white men religion gladly gave up his son - Oduche to school to learn the ways of white man...

    In 'Ugomma' by Tony Obiesie, he came back angry from village meeting because he was insulted for having no child who could read or write. He sent his first daughter Ugomma to school with the notion if other men could send their children to school, I can.

    Frederick Forsyth in his 'The Making of African Legend', remarked that a typical Igbo family will work together to send the first son to school who after finishing school will secure a job to help others in the family.

    I don't think Ben Bruce was in Nigeria 20 years ago, Ndigbo have the highest number of people in Universities all over Nigeria. All Universities in South Eastern Nigeria were filled with mainly Igbo students. Other Universities like UNIJOS, UNILAG, UI etc have a huge number of Igbo undergraduates which led to a strife, Igbo students looking for admission in those schools were marginalized and it led to a pressing need to create State Universities which. The result was the opening of Ebonyi State University (1999) and Anambra State University (2000).
    Primary and Secondary school then was almost compulsory for everybody, ie as far as Anambra State is concerned.
    I agree, Ben totally failed this one.

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