Ndigbo should Return to their Culture but Should not Accpet Idolatry.

Discussion in 'Igbo Culture' started by izu, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Izu

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    I'm one of the advocates of Ndigbo returning to our culture which is our identity, however, we should understand the concepts of culture and the fact that culture is made for us not the other way round.
    My point being that we should review every single aspects of our culture, the reason why it existed, it's merits and demerits in our society today. If all these are done with due diligence, we are half way to going back to the 'track' we are supposed to be.

    That said, idolatry was a very big part of old Igbo culture. The religion is called Odinani which points at the worship of various deities each represented by idols or shrines as the case may be. Idolatry could be dangerous, yes I said so and will defend it anywhere I'm quoted or referenced. Most wickedness in our old culture was mostly contributed by Idolatry - Killing of twins was to 'appease' gods, the ever notorious osu caste system was as a result of idolatry, sick people with swollen stomach or legs where thrown into the evil forest because 'gods have rejected them' etc.

    Idolatry caused menace in our society but that was long ago, let us reject the imposition of idolatry on us. We can return to our culture without accepting the 'old' religion and as I said above, we are not made for the culture, the culture is made for us!
    Returning to our culture does not necessary entail making the mistakes of our ancestors, we have seen the truth which means we are no longer ignorant people.
    Thanks to the Christian missionaries, we owe them our eternal gratitude.
    So Yes, we can return our culture without embracing idolatry.
    Happy Sunday!
  2. Izu

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    Here comes a question - My brother, going back to our culture means d same with going back to idolatry because they can't do without each other and you know it.

    My Answer -
    No my sister, we can, actually. Igbo people are very religious and harmless by nature. Most atrocities done in the olden time was as a result of fear and ignorance. Thank God for the European Missionaries who sacrificed everything to deliver us from the bondage of fear and ignorance, now we have seen light which will make it very easy for us to make the right choice.

    Now, the point of going back to our culture entails a lot of things and as I've said above, we will have to modify the culture to suit the present age. By going back to our culture I mean things like naming our children in our dear Language, teaching our children their Language instead of English alone, speaking our Language with every confidence and pride! Using Igbo instrument and Musics, some traditional festivals like Iwa Ji, etc, eating our food which our body is made for instead of relying on Indomie ... I can go on.

    Idolatry is a religion which is not even significant in Igboland today so yes, we can go on with our faith and culture (which will be revised and refined).
    We have every right and modify our culture to remove those practices that are not only irrelevant today but dangerous (eg Idolatry).
    That's my point.
  3. OnyeOdum

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    I disagree. We shall never be mentally free until we reject the White Supremacist religion of Christianity.
  4. Izu

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    And embrace idolatry? Yes, it's idolatry to me. We can revamp Christianity, for example - those pictures of white Jesus could be a black man as Bible gives no account if he's 'white' or 'black' etc. The play here is embracing or culture alongside our existing faith (religion).

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