New APC Publicity Stunt (Picture).

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    APC campaign jobbers have changed their advertising strategy, they are now aware that people don't want anything to do with brooms again so they introduced a new strategy, take a look at the picture below
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    Nwa ebuni ako! (a story which my grandmother would always tell with intensity and radiant passion, not minding
    how often she had said it) was asked, how many times would something happen to him to learn, he answered,
    thus, he would rather learn from other people's aardvark. It is so unfortunate and disheartening that we are living in a
    society where short memories have taken a center stage in our individual lives.

    Not long ago, our would be first lady and vice president's wife were found respectively in various streets of Nigeria
    frying akara and yam. Just as former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi turned beautician in Port Harcourt market making hair for unknown ladies.
    I would not be hasty to remind you about Rochas Okorocha's roasting of corn at the capital city of Owerri. So as our dear corruption fighter and modest president who was applauded for his simplicity of drinking cowbell beverages, although, he later budgeted N1.7billion for his kitchen, which made wonder if he still remembers what cowbell is.

    All these people after winning elections disappeared from their lives of deception to their normal lives of affluence and grandeur waiting for another election to come for them to display their deceptive talents. Today, APC is back on their shrewd, employing their familiar antics to woo the gullible. Yet, the Edo State electorates should lay in their innermost conscience to ask certain questions about these dramatization of corn eating competition of Oshomole the
    incumbent and Godwin Obaseki the aspirant.

    This is the best time to be wise, even if wisdom eludes you, strive to acquire and vote wisely in Edo State.

    By  Udeh Iykris.

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