Nigeria: Of Retired AIG's and the Igbo.

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    Do you recall that list of admission into the Nigerian Police Academy circulating some months?
    In that list, the cadets from the south east were more in
    number than those from the three zones of the North.
    Few days ago the Nigerian Police Commission retired
    twenty one Assistant Commissioners of Police. No officer from the South East made the list because there was none to retire.
    My questions are:
    1. Can we get the original list of the retired officers when
    they were admitted to the Police College?
    2. How many of the then cadets in that list were from the South East?
    3. What happend to them between those days and today?
    The truth is that there has never been any Police Academy class that had more cadets from the North. But somehow,
    those cadets from the North always make it to the officer
    corps while those from the South East drop out.

    If you are still searching for the reason why Nigeria has the
    best police force in the whole world, stop searching.
    By Emeka Maduewesi.

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