Nigerian Start-Up vs Other Africans ; Mark Zuckerberg's visit.

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Izu, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Izu

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    When the owner of Facebook was on his way to Nigeria he said - I am on my way to Nigeria . (full stop)
    When he was on his way to Kenya he said - I am on my way to Kenya TO LEARN ABOUT MOBILE MONEY. He called Kenya Mobile Money giant which is actually true, remember M-Pesa?

    One Kenyan took on his Instagram Page to troll Nigerians because Mark does not think Nigeria have any special start-up which I agree. His troll may be childish but it is actually correct, Instead of Nigerians attacking him and other Kenyans they should take it as a challenge and start up something the whole world will be proud of and not littering the internet with all those useless Entertainment 'gist' blogs powered by Blogger.

    Kenya is just a country of about the size of Igbo Nation in Nigeria so why not challenge them? Nigeria is really lacking in web start-up, the founder most popular Payment processor on earth, PayPal is Elon Musk from South Africa, he is also an inventor who owns a lot of companies like - SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Hyperloop, SolarCity. Mark spoke as a Software Engineer and an Entrepreneur, if Nigerians are sad they have nothing to impress him and the rest of the world with they should take is as a challenge and start something and not attacking Kenyans... Python is there to help ... you know that, right?
  2. Onye

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    If Nigeria were a real nation then national pride would garner healthy competition with Kenya, but we know which side of Nigeria would be competing with not only Kenya but the world, but the government of Nigeria will rather seek to sabotage than support that region.

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