Nigerians are not Hungry.

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    This is a really nice post updated by one of my Facebook friends, I find it irresistible so decided to share it here and with a befitting title - Nigerians are not Hungry.

    You cannot teach hungry
    Life is about hunger; you are either hungry or you are not. What drives you in life is what hungers you. When you are not hungry, nothing will ever make you to be successful. It has nothing to do with money. Hunger is not the absence of money.

    The United States seems to have the world's highest population of hungry people. They work from their college dormitories, garages and basements to solve problems and fulfill needs. They do not wait for business parks or start-
    up centers. When the problem is solved or the need fulfilled, they become successful. After success comes

    Those who put money first are never hungry. They neither solve problems nor fulfill needs. They throw money at
    problems, most times speeding $100 dollars where one cent can do. If money really answers all things, Saudi
    Arabia would be more powerful than the United States. Religious zealotry cannot a pin make.

    Americans are hungry. Saudis are not. Israelis are hungry. Venezuelans are not. Kenyans are hungry. Nigerians are
    not. Academic excellence cannot a pin make. Hungry is not lack of money. Hungry is passion to solve
    everyday problems and fulfill everyday needs. You cannot teach hungry.

    Post credit - Mazi Emeka Maduewesi.

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