Nigerians, Biafrans and Igbo Office Looters.

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    Nigerians, Biafrans and Igbo Office looters

    Igbo/Biafran question is not about smartness but truth. No matter how smart you are, if you do not stick to the truth while discussing the Igbo/Biafran question, you will end up rambling and contradicting yourself. It is like Germany working its ass off and keeping quiet in EU while Spain, Portugal and even Italy get to work 6 hours a day and take siesta. For how long shall Germany continue to support their southern neighbours?

    If we do not do something now, and leave Nigeria, I forsee:
    1. A poor nation called Nigeria in which those from Southern Nigeria will make up the few genuinely rich citizens.
    2. A very impoverished North with substantial Igbo presence and wealth.
    3. Tension between the rich and the poor that will periodically boil over.
    4. The few Northern rich pointing to the many Southern rich as thieves who stole the nation's money.

    Those asking what our political leaders have done with our money should know that the North is a time bomb built with religious intolerance and illiterate population.

    The more we work hard to keep up with the rest of the world, the more we create a chasm between the economic fortunes of the masses in both regions. These are lethal political weapons in the hands of those who created the problem.

    So, as you prepare to query what Igbo political office holders have been doing with our resources, also ask the North for the blueprint that will close the literacy and economic gap between the North and the South in 25 years.

    I hasten to share the sentiments expressed on this same issue by Desmond Amaechi.

    He wrote:
    "When people from the east ask for secession from Nigeria, or at least restructuring of the country, people from other regions usually tell them to ask their leaders what they have been doing with the federal allocation that accrue to them.

    What is funny about the issue is that these people are not even better off with the status quo. They lag behind the east in every indices that human advancement is measured with.

    Ndigbo are not actually complaining because others are better, but that our potentials and aspirations are subdued using state institutions. Only the best is good for us.

    You are happy that the president or his vice is from your region, but what have you benefited? The country is in a mess, and you are not an exception."
    -Desmond Amaechi

    And that is why we want out.
    #NigeriaReferendumNow #BiafrExit

    By Emeka Maduewesi

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