Featured One Big Thing Igbo Leaders Lack - CAUSE!

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by Izu, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Igbos Have Leaders but Our Leaders Lack Cause.
    I'm always peeved at the avowal that 'Igbos have no leaders', who told you that we Igbos have no leaders? We have leaders but our leaders lack CAUSE!

    For a start, Igbos are Democrats. No room for Overlords, something you cannot say of other Nigerian tribes. In Igboland, everybody is a leader, everybody is accepted to contribute. This means you reading this is a potential leader in Igboland but how will you be regarded as one? CAUSE!

    Igboland is blessed with natural and human resources and yet severally lacking because we lack cause. Anyone from anywhere can come to Igboland boorishly talk down on us, do anyhow and dare us to do our worse. A king was killed in Igboland by some barbarians who were supposed to be put in their place and nothing much was done about it, after all it was just another day in the office. Why can't it be when our leaders lack cause.

    About hundred people were massacred in Enugu State, the governor declared a two-day fasting to mourn the dead. I was expecting him to let the whole world know you cannot come to great Nsukkaland and massacre them but his next action was opprobrium. He went to Abuja and begged Buhari for selfie, carrying Buhari's hand with his tow hands. Why cant he? Leadership that lacks cause. Many churches were burnt in that attack, most of them Catholic churches but to my chagrin Catholic Bishops went to Abuja for 'presidential tea' with Buhari. You can now see the interest, Catholic church attack by Muslims soldiers Yesterday. No respect for God and Jesus Christ, how can they if our religious leaders don't have cause?
    Igbos don't follow people, we follow cause and when there's no cause it will be 'to your tents oh! Igbos'. The only thing that unifies Igbos is cause, no cause no unity.

    Do you know why Ojukwu is highly revered in Igboland while Zik is despised? Cause!
    Do you know why Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezife commands more respect in Anambra State than Dr. Alex Ekwueme? Cause!
    Do you know why Nnamdi Kanu is loved in Igboland despite his crass assertion and strange axiom? Cause!
    Do you know why Igbos stood by Goodluck Johnathan up till today despite the fact he didn't build much in Igboland? Cause!
    Do you know why most of the so called Igbo leaders does not command respects from Igbos today? They lack Cause.
    Do you know why Igbo rejected British politics but accepted their Religion? Cause!
    What Igboland is waiting for today is cause and not leaders, bring a cause and see Igbos stood by you. We need Leaders with CAUSE.

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