One Nigeria Indeed!

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    If any foolish Housa man crawled to you and shout, "One Nigeria!" tell him, "Aboki your papa there!"
    If a drunk Yoruba man walked up to you and shout, "One Nigeria!" Look into his stupid eyes and tell him, "ya mama, coward!"
    If an ignoramus Igbo man ran to you and shout, "One Nigeria!" Pitifully call him, Onye iberibe who does not know when his ukwa firewood is shared. {sabo}

    We live in a world where Ahj. Shehu Shagari the overthrown President was placed under palace arrest while his eastern deputy (vice) Dr. Alex Ekwueme without any executive power was slammed 120 year jail term. We live in a world where the major and over 90% portfolios are given to the north while non is given to the east.
    We live in a world where a northern mere degree holder is given a senior ministerial appointment while an eastern Prof is his subordinate (a junior minister)
    We live in a world where a northern business man was given billions of dollars for his proposed refinery while the entire Igbo business entrepreneurs were given seven million and five hundred thousand Naira, (less than three thousand dollars).
    We live in a world where a northern terrorist who master minded Abuja bombing was discharged and acquitted with compensation of over hundred million naira. while nonviolent Nnamdi Kanu is languishing in illegal detention.

    We live in a world where the northern emirs are given billions for supporting Boko Haram's bombings, while the Eastern and southern traditional rulers and chiefs were threatened and arrested for the militant actions. We live in a world where a northern man who was accused of stealing $2.1 billion moves freely with his lawyers while the eastern who was given clumps out of the looted money was handcuffed, unkempt and humiliated. One Nigeria my foot, in fact, henceforth, any man, woman or child, both in the bedroom or outside who even contemplated shouting One Nigeria, may violent thunder that does not have relatives fire that person. Not only one Nigeria, but five Nigeria nko?

    By Udeh Iykris.

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