Picture of Upper Iweka, Onitsha aerial Capture.

Discussion in 'Development' started by izu, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    I saw this picture online which looks amazing to me so I decided to post it here.
    This is the picture of Upper Iweka, Onitsha. The aerial capture.

  2. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    I think the picture above was captured by the ever popular Phantom 3 drone, I'm not very sure though.
  3. Onye

    Onye Admin Staff Member

    The situation has improved a lot, but there's still a long way to go.
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  4. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    A very looooong way to go my brother.
    I wish our people will come home and develop Igboland.
    The potential of Igboland is almost unlimited, it's just ndigbo are not looking inwards.
    Imagine the talents, human resources, natural resources and how hard working we could be.
    Imagine coming home to enthusiastically develop our land.
    I wish we ndigbo will understand what we ought to do.
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