Pictures of Onitsha, Awka and Owerri.

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    Saw it in Facebook and wanted to share it here -

    Those who join in pulling Igboland down because of the narrative spread about Igboland by outsiders should be careful. The same piece of advice goes to those who do so because of partisan politics or interstate or inter-town prejudices.
    Many non-Igbos who have never been to Igboland say that the reason Igbos troop out of Igboland to other regions and countries, including places where they are easily killed and their property destroyed, is because Igboland is one big jungle with no development, no security, no business opportunities, and no governance.

    This was what happened in the area of education. Propaganda and fallacy were spread for decades about education in Nigeria that many Igbos thought the worst about Igbos. I remember when I posted some statistics from JAMB in 2011 in Igboville showing Igbo states like Imo and Anambra with Delta among the top 3 states, even some Igbos said something like: How can Anambra State that is the home of traders be among the top 3 states in Nigeria?
    The more we talk down on Igboland like others do, the more we continue to play second fiddle or even third fiddle, if there is such an expression in English.
    Outside Lagos (former FCT), Abuja (current FCT), and Port Harcourt (oil capital), there is no other Nigerian city that is better, more developed or has more business opportunities than Igbo cities.
    If you have beautiful pictures of Igbo cities and sites, always feel free to share them.
    Daalu nu.
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    Aroma Junction, Awka (Anambra State) Aerial View

    Upper Iweka, Onitsha (Anambra State) Aerial View


    Owerri (Imo State) Aerial View

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