Question on Iduu(Bini), Igalla, and the Igbo.

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    Iduu, also known as Bini was argueably the most powerful kingdom is the area that became Southern Nigeria. The Bini kingdom stretched as far as Lagos. The Bini kingdom was so powerful that the controversy regarding its connection with Ife is not yet resolved.

    The Igalla, an offshoot of the Jukuns, were also powerful, fighting mortal battles against both the Bini and the Jukuns. Igalla is just a few miles from Igboland with the mighty River Niger connecting the two. Some Anambra and Delta natives today are of Igalla origin.
    And the Igbo? No kingdom, just a Chief Priest called Eze Nri, who used itinery priests he ordained traverse the lenght and breath of Igboland. His children crossed over the River Niger to set up towns in the West, some as close as 10 miles to the powerful Bini Kingdom.
    Even at the height of the slave trade, Eze Nri was smart enough to ordain dwarfs, known as Aka Nri or Aka Nshi or Aka Eri or Aka Eshi or Eze muo, depending on your Igbo dialect, to carry on itinerary priestly duties. Who wants a dwarf for a slave.

    Now my question is:
    Why did both the powerful Bini and the powerful Igalla leave the Igbo alone?

    Note: This question was asked by Emeka Maduewesi on Facebook, I copied it here because I find it interesting... and maybe I will get an 'exciting' answers from the members of IgboBuOfu Forum.

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