Referendum and The 'New' Nation - Biafra.

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    This question was presented on IgboVille Facebook group on 2nd July, 2016.

    Nigeria and the global community has been inundated with calls for referendum for a sovereign State of Biafra.

    -Some school of thought see Biafra of the medieval era, which encompasses the whole of Eastern parts of Southern Nigeria down to Western Camerouns

    -Some as the Old Eastern Region comprising Ndigbo and other ethnic groups under the region.

    -Some as strictly Alaigbo

    But we would limit this discussion to the Biafra as it concerns Nigeria. Some wants a Biafra of strictly Alaigbo. Some wants it to include the Efiks, Ibibios, Ijaws, Ogonis et al.

    As it stands, a proposed Biafra that is strictly Alaigbo is less "controversial" than that with our neighbors that always deride and drag their feet about the movement.

    This discussion should include but not limited to the;

    -International Maritime Implications
    -Demystifying the "Landlockedness"
    -International Relations

    We are very aware that Biafra draws emotions and we advise such emotions shouldn't be in the overdrive that will warrant insults and bullying. We welcome every contribution whether pro or against devoid of snide remarks and slur words. This forum is open for cross-pollination of ideas, which we believe will go a very long way in educating those with little or no knowledge of the proposed Nation.

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    This is my answer -

    Thanks for this topic, looks like I will be following it in real time! :)
    Let me start by saying the fact - Ndigbo is better off with own country, call me unpatriotic Nigeria if you like but that's the truth.
    Let me pick your points one by one -

    Viability : A country of our own will go far to actualizing our full potentials, our potentials is not optimized in this present Nigeria set-up. Quota system in Nigeria does not even help the matter. We are not of the same culture, lifestyle and ambition from our neighbors in the North but from the way Nigeria is designed, everybody must be 'carried along'. The worse being the north enjoying political superiority as a result of political allegiance ... We are one of the most intelligent people in Africa. Must we always bend down to accumulate the backward north? Must we step down our quality, intelligence and potentials so as to be accepted in this present Nigeria?

    International Maritime Implications / Demystifying the "Landlockedness": I think both of them should go together, let's take it that Biafra will be for
    Alaigbo only. The Azumini River in Obuaku, Ukwa West LGA of Abia State have direct access to Atlantic Ocean, it is the upstream and empties in Atlantic Ocean. The beauty of this is that it is only about 25 nautical miles to the ocean, by far nearer to ocean than Port Harcourt seaport. Dredging the river to create a sea/river port may be costly but we will benefit from it in a long run. Ndigbo are by far the greatest importers in Nigeria, the biggest markets in Nigeria and Wast Africa is located in Igboland - Onitsha Main market - Onitsha and Ariaria Market - Aba. Having a seaport in Igboland will be a dream come true and a big relief to Igbo importers. The problem that may arise from dredging the river is Akwa Ibom agreeing because the river connected to the sea through their State. I have seen an international charter on this which means it should be covered.

    International Relations - Igbo traders are called Biafrans in Cotonou, Togo, Cameroon, Gabon ... During Biafran war, many African countries like Ivory Coast, South Africa, Gabon, Senegal rooted for Biafra, many more were about coming out openly to support Biafra until Britain started threatening them. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia never recovered on the atrocities that was committed against Biafra. EU last year stated they will be the first to reorganized a legally created Biafra. Most importation from China is carried out by Igbo traders which makes them our 'friends', granted you cannot trust Chinese.
    The recent rally that was conducted in Germany have a huge crowd of German citizens, rooting for Biafra (I shared the video in my timeline). Biafra is not violent, we are loving, we are not religious tugs so why should we not be loved? Southern Cameroonians love Igbo traders in their city. Igbo people might be hated in Nigeria but outside Nigeria is a different case. Northers and to an extent South Westerners should be hostile in event on creation of Biafra but it should die down after some years, when they realize we are no longer contending anything with then. Biafra if created should have sound international relationship with other African countries, across the world. I am very optimistic of this!

    Should Biafra be strictly Igbo?
    Biafra should start from Igbo but should not end in Igboland. In 1967, Other tribes/groups in the old Eastern Region sent their delegates for a close door meeting with Ojukwu, Ojukwu told them to go home and convey a meeting with their people to decide if they will join Biafra but they answered they were sent by their people who whole hardheartedly pledged their allegiance newly country. the main reason for this was their people were not spared when ndigbo were massacred in 1966 in Northern Nigeria. Igbo people are championing Biafra, though other people are welcome to join but lI am of opinion we should stop making impression as if we can't do without others. Igbo is a complete standing nation today. I am very sure majority of Ijaw people are not interested in Biafra, so is Isoko, Urhobo, Itshekiri ... Some part of Akwa Ibom support Biafra. Idoma people were not part of Biafra but most of their young men have came out openly to support Biafra. TIV is a NO NO. Igala should not be accepted because they have huge number of Muslims among them who would do anything to please their Fulani Muslim brothers.
    Ndigbo should start Biafra agitation with an open door for other to join. When referendum comes, it will be based on Ethnic groups and not this unfairly artificial created regions/states in Nigeria.
    This is my opinion, I welcome critics/contradictions.
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    Another contribution -

    This a very interesting topic and should be given full attention if actually we understand what it's all about.
    What I am going to give here is based on my own understanding and opinion.
    First we should be thinking of a Biafra of Igbo extraction which should include all Igbo speaking people and their land as our boundaries irrespective of the state they are today.
    There will be more peace under this one tribe nation .
    If I am asked to add I will add first the Effik, which is the Cross Rivers and Akwa Iboms.
    I am not all that inclined to adding the Ijaws who may think we are for the oil in their land therefore I will exclude them for peaceful reasons but if they will guarantee a peaceful coexistence with a clause on how to amicably separate in event of un-agreeable.
    We will pursue peaceful coexistence and development with respect to each other having our trust in God.

    The viability of the Biafra project can be in the physical or by might.
    Let's look at the physical aspect which I think is what the author want.
    To achieve this we need to hold town hall meetings in our various communities with our who is who using our representatives as our conveyor of the outcome to the National Assembly.
    Our representatives should table what our demand is concerning this and they should as a point of duty be able to lobby other ethnic groups to back their demand.
    There are other groups that are tired of this false union but lack the will to initiate this at the National level.
    The referendum should first be pushed and agreed at the National level before it can be effected.
    We should have that in mind and work towards getting it.

    In determining this we should first consider all Biafra lands.
    By this I mean every Igbo speaking land as the Igbo boundaries.
    Igbo land have several access to the sea that we can easily work upon to achieve an ocean vessel route.
    Let's look at the confluence of Imo River and Blue Sea River at Obuaku which is 25 Nautical Miles to the Atlantic which can be easily dredged to a deep seaport that can accommodate any size of ocean vessel.
    N/B: Onne Port is about 50 Nautical Miles to the Atlantic, Calabar Port is about 38 Nautical Miles while PH port is about 45 Nautical Miles.
    Apart from this point we still have an area in Afikpo that was used in the old to ship palm oil and palm kernel.
    That water also leads to Atlantic Ocean and at the other bank of it is (I think Oron) Cross River.
    There is another point by Arochukwu where the water separate Arochukwu and Itu in Cross River. All these are good water ways.
    Not withstanding these distances, Panama Canal has almost a thousand miles but it is being dredged for a water way of any size vessel.
    Igbo land is not landlocked in any way.
    Going by the above analysis of the nearness to the Atlantic Ocean you will understand that the landlocked issue is just a hoax, a physiological aspect of mind dribbling to make you believe that you can not have a seaport so that you don't think of it just to allow Lagos soars.
    There is another aspect of unthinkable inland transportation route that can be developed to open up ala Igbo to international communities.
    I call it unthinkable because many have never thought of this aspect.
    Consider an inland route of 6 or 8 lane motor way with railway alongside it starting from Enugu to Ebonyi to Cross River to Cameroon through the Congos 1and 2 terminating at Dar Es Salaam Port in Tanzania.
    That route will link ala Igbo to the international communities in trade and commerce by road creating an unbelievable market in our land .
    For those that understand their geography you should take a look at this route and consider the viability of that.
    Our hospitality has no bound and we know it, this coupled with our ingenuity and creativity made us the delight of many .
    There is no doubt that we will be highly welcome by many countries.
    We will have no problem with international recognition and acceptance.

    I will at anytime approve the Biafra nation because that is the only sure guarantee of the existence of our generations to come without religious annihilation.
    If we fail to pursue this now our generations will not have this land in the next 100 years.
    There is every handwriting of what I just said at this present time we are.
    I am not joking neither trying to be political but absolute truth is what I am telling you now.
    If we fail to secure our land now we will not have it tomorrow.
    This should be the major premises upon which we should take this serious now than ever.
    True federalism will not solve this aspect of the problem but it can take care of the developmental problems.


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