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    A Reply To Joe Igbokwe And "Others" With Plenitude Of Insults On The Issue Of Igbos Political Stance:
    I hardly respond to quotes especially when they degenerate to insult but since you decided to respond with some civility and a spark of some intelligence comments, I decided to make an exception by correcting you in almost all the points you made. And I will do so with facts and history.

    Let me start from your last points. You stated that 'your history' shows that Yorubas beats other tribes in politics. That's a very big historic lie. Are you aware that this is the first time in Nigeria's history that Yorubas got their alignment right. Let's go down history lane. In the 1st republic, Dr Awolowo under AG contested and lost to Zik of NCNC. The prime minister, Tafawa Balewa became like the VP(it was a parliamentary govt). In 1979, Awo came up again under UPN and lost to the new breed of young politicians of Shagari/Ekwueme of NPN. That was when he cried that if only 'he could be allowed to be president for even a day.'
    Then in 1999, the Yorubas lined up behind Falae/Shinkafi of AD/APP alliance while the south east and south south with the help of some North central states backed OBJ/Atiku. In 2007, Tinubu fronted Atiku for A.C.N and yorubas lost with him. Buhari under ANPP/CPC won a few north west states but the south east, south south, north central voted Yar'adua/Jonathan. In 2011, the Yorubas went with Ribadu/Adeola and lost again. So I wonder why their 1st ever successful alliance will qualify them as ahead of anybody.

    In your other point, you declared that Igbos are bigotted. On the contrary go through the history again. Igbos and south south voted overwhelmingly for OBJ(a Yoruba man) even when he defeated Ekwueme that formed the PDP. We did not cry foul. We did not hate OBJ for that. We still backed him while his own people followed Falae and lost woefully. In 2007, Yar'adua of PDP won in the south east and south south. Is he an Igbo man? Igbos are never bigotted. Instead they are the tribe who are least considered in making any decision in any sphere of our national politics. Is GEJ an Igbo man?
    But the Yorubas only backed their tribesman since Nigeria's independence.

    You claim that Igbos are the most backward in democratic settings. That's a big lie from the pit of hell. Many historical records and books from the British show that when they arrived Nigeria, their records claim that Igbos were already with democratic institutions. That is why the south east was the last region they could capture because they couldn't find one single man with totalitarian power to influence. Everything was discussed by each village's council of elders and put to a voice vote. They now had to use military force and then enthrone warrant chiefs. No central sultan to buy over, no Emir over a large region, no Oba controlling over large region, no Ooni etc with absolute power. I can post one of such reports for you here. No single man in Igbo land wields absolute power, it must be subjected to vote which is now in practice nationwide.

    On the point you made about God. I had expected that a person of your intelligence would have understood that it was an allegory used to clearly illustrate the point being made. In simple words, it meant that the Yorubas will ditch the best saint for the worst person once the worst 'Satan' wins. Who doesn't know that the Lord is not a democrat but the Almighty Sovereign Lord. You made no point there, instead exhibited a lack of IQ.
    And in your first point of it being just an election. Permit me to explain that for Igbos, their disdain for Buhari wasn't about this election. They wouldn't have mind any other northerner except Buhari. They don't have anything tribal about it, after all, they've massively voted northerners severally before. Their suspicion is with Buhari whom they have always known by his antecedents to be an unrepentant tribal bigot from his track record. Tinubu would have even won in Igboland if he had contested against Buhari.

    By Chidinma Onyejiuwa

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