River Niger is not the Igbo border

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    I have a problem when people refer to the Niger River bridge at Onitsha as the 'gateway' to the east which is a byword for Igboland. The bridge is not the first entrance into an Igbo settlement when sojourning from the west to east, the first Igbo settlement, or at least where is understood to be Igbo, are the Ika towns centred around Agbor, the Benin-Asaba road then continues past Ika land and Umunede to the roads leading to Igbuzo and Ogwashi Ukwu before entering Asaba.

    This view of the River Niger being the "natural border" between Igbo people and the rest of Nigeria has been a harmful one that has led in the past and present to Igbo communities west of the river to feel left out of the general Igbo consciousness and therefore feel they are not Igbo.

    We need to start seeing the Niger as one of many, although the most major of the rivers in Igboland otherwise we will continue to marginalise parts of Igboland.
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