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    Below are the rules of this forum -

    1. This is an Igbo Community, not everybody is eligible to join and participate. Please read the details of Eligibility here, if you are not eligible please do not join as we will not only ban you but will drop your account details from the Database to give space to the eligible. WE ARE VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS.

    2. Do not insult Ndigbo in this forum, you will be banned by the robotic Moderator @Ikenga if you do so.

    3. English and Igbo (including numerous Igbo dialects) are allowed here, please don't not use net speak language. D is not the, 2 is not too, buh is not but. Make your post straightforward and readable.

    4. Do not insult staff of this forum.

    5. Learn how to speak in public, do not post in all cap locks - it denotes shouting. Don't be rude to others and use report button if you find any offending post.

    6. IgboBuOfu does not promote violence, do not use any violent language or encourage violence here.

    7. Do not spam this forum in any way, spam and get banned and the domain name blacklisted by @Ikenga. Please use Google Adwords or Facebook ads to promote your business.

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