[Satire] EU Should Force Britain to Remain in the Union.

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    United Kingdom has just voted to leave the European Union. Britain wanted to preserve their Monarchy and their traditions.
    As a Nigerian, I believe this separatist move should not be allowed to happen. The unity of Europe is sacrosanct and striving for independence should be a no-area.
    Europe should quickly arrest all the leaders of Brexit. They should seek an advice from Nigeria on how to handle this kind of insurrection.

    For us, the unrelated nations Lord Fredrick Lugard clobbered together into an entity must remain unchanged.
    Our founding fathers promised the UK to remain together and the Queen knighted them for taking this oath.
    EU must foil this British escape just as Britain helped us to remain one in 1967.

    The remarkable point to note is that the prime minister of UK and his government officials wanted and campaigned for united Europe. They believed that they were in consonance with their compatriots. They were proven wrong.
    Just this morning, the UK Prime Minister has resigned. He was shocked and feels disgraced.
    Nigeria shall never allow common people speak in such an embarrassing way. What do they know?

    By Anayo Nwosu.

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