Sky Scrapper Under Construction in Anambra State.

Discussion in 'Development' started by izu, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Izu

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    This sky Scrapper is under construction in Umuchukwu town in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State. It is being built by the billionaire Medical Practitioner Dr. Godwin Mmaduka.

    This building that is about to be completed is an orthopaedic hospital with state of the art facilities singlehandedly built by an American based medical doctor, Dr Godwin Mmaduka.

    Dr. Godwin Maduka, a billionaire, is the Founder and CEO of Las Vegas Pain Institute Nevada, United States of America. This hospital when completed will be the best of its kind in Nigeria and West Africa in general, according to world health organisation.

    This is exactly what we want in Igboland.
    A welcome idea!!!
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  2. Onye

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    Really good effort by Dr. Maduka, if only one person can sponsor such a project, imagine the wealth in the diaspora. We need to stop the self doubt and scare tactics that investing in our parts is a waste. With communal effort there is strength in numbers and an economy can thrive with or without any sort of official government.
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    The wealth of human resources we have in Igboland can never be overemphasized, many of our people outside Igboland especially those in diaspora seems to be very disappointed with the way Igbo people are treated in this present Nigeria set up, they despise this present Nigeria so much that many of them have been outside Nigeria and remained there for decades.
    Some of them believe their security is not guaranteed in the present Nigeria if they are to come back to their people. This is one of the reasons Biafra agitation is so vibrant abroad.
    If Igbo secede from Nigeria successfully, there will be a very huge movement back home by Igbo people in diaspora. Igboland can also developed itself with little or no help from the government, the project above is one of many indications.
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  4. Izu

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    The picture of the billionaire doctor who is building the world class hospital - Dr Godwin Maduka
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  5. celestine odera

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    may God bless u sir for coming back to ala Igbo to build dis massive and hrt warming structure
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