Some Funny Nigerian Abbreviations. :)

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    Saw this funny 'Nigerianized' abbreviations somewhere. Lol

    NAIRA - Never Allow Idiots Rule Again
    PHCN - Problem Has Changed Name
    HAUSA - House Animals Using Seat of Authority
    IMO - Igbos Must Overcome
    BAT - Bolaji Ahmed Tunubu
    APC - Association of Past Criminals
    NYSC - Now Your Struggles Continues
    GLO - Get Lovers Online
    PDP - People Deceiving People
    PHD - Pull Him Down
    MTN - Maintain Total Nonsense
    WEEK - Women Education Ends in Kitchen
    ABACHA - After Babangida Another Criminal Has
    GSM - General Street Madness
    NEPA - Never Expect Power Always
    KOBO - Kill Obasanjo Before Others
    FANTA - Foolish Ashawo Never Take Advice
    RICE - Rangers International Club of Enugu.
    LONDON - Ladies of Nowadays Depend On Naria.
    BUHARI - Brought Unnecessary Hardship Among
    Reasonable Indigenes.

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