South-East is the least Poverty Rate Index survey by UNDP.

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    According to a recent report released by the United Nations Development Programme, the South-East is the least in their poverty rate index survey;
    North West-71.2%
    North East- 72.2%
    North Central-67%
    South West- 43%
    South-East - 26.7%

    Before then, they also released their Human Security Index report and rated the South-East as the safest place to live in Nigeria.
    The recently released JAMB results has SE, with the highest number of applicants. Over the years the SE, has been leading in WAEC and NECO.
    All these are unarguable facts that have been established. Good a thing this report is coming from an international body. Propaganda over the years has made other Nigerians see the South-East as one deep jungle with nothing to show for it. They've also viewed the South-East as lacking in anything good.
    We want to pose these few questions to the house;
    **What is it that the South-East is not doing right in effectively projecting itself to the world using the media?
    **Why are most South Easterners "easily cowed", when the oppressive Nigerian media bullies them in accepting their jaundiced report about the SE?
    **What can the South-Easteners and Alaigbo in general do in maintaining this tempo and positive results going by the suppressive economic policies of this present Government?
    **Since there are lots of diasporan umuigbo. What other measures can we apply in Forex, aside the "expensive" Western Union Money Transfer & MoneyGram, going by the new tactics this Government has applied in blocking easiest and cheapest ways of sending money home?
    Let's have a hearty discussion. We need to be steps ahead of every anti-progressive moves made by this government.

    Culled from IgboVille Group.
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    link to this would have killed all the rumours and doubting Thomases.
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    I really don't have any reliable link, saw it in a Facebook Group.
    Let me pull it off from front page for now until I see any reliable source on that.

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