Student's Answer to WASSCE 2015 Question.

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    This is serious!
    This shows how far down our educational institutions have fallen!!
    WAASCE 2015 Agricultural Science Q2(a)(i)
    Mention 3 differences between Livestock A (Goat) and Livestock B (Sheep).
    This is an actual answer that a student gave:
    1. The goat when you use it for soup it taste waaaaooow but the sheep when u use it for soup it does not taste waaaaow
    2. Goats give soup perfume expecially the boy goat but sheep dont give soup perfume.
    3. A goat can cross a road wisely but the sheep is very foolish and walk slow on the road.
    4. A goat has a sharp brake but a sheep don’t have sharp brake.
    5. Goat head is smelling but sheep head is not smelling.
    6. Goat is on left side of God but sheep is on right side of God.
    7. Goat is stubborn but sheep is humble
    8. Goat can jump and turn 360° but sheep cannot jump and turn 360°.
    9. The goat cry pobebe pobe but sheep cries berh berh.

    What the heck is this?!

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