The Fastest Route to Biafra: The Customary Government Perspective.

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    In the recent time, a lot has been said and done towards the restoration of the state of Biafra, but what has not been heard widely is the reason for setting up the Customary Government of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra.
    Contrary to some peoples' opinion, the idea behind the government coming into being is to enable both the international government and bodies easy and speedy recognition of the Biafra struggle. We must understand that no nation will like to be seen supporting any illegal organization in any country, no matter how much sympathy it has for your agitation. In fact because many nations of the world have their own internal conflicts, sometimes also bordering on threats to secession, no government will like to be seen supporting any secession group in other country for fear of having your oppressive government throw its weight behind their own secession groups. Therefore, no matter how much they sympathize with your course, they also demand for some level of legality of your actions while demanding for you freedom.

    Moreover, no group, international bodies or governments will equally like to throw its weight behind any organization or group that will not be sustained in the new nation after independence, so as to be sure of having her negotiated terms of memorandum of understanding MOU implemented by the emerging government. They will therefore be watching to see 1. Legal body/government freely operating within the budding enclave and allowed by the parent government. 2. Generally accepted organ, group or government by all agitating groups towards independence.
    Based on the foregoing, the designers of the Customary Government of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB craftily went to town to make sure it meets these two criteria while working out that body.

    Unfortunately, along the road some of our brothers, ignorant of the intension broke away from the main folk and the rest is now history. You can now asses the whole scenario to individually or in group decide and agree to the need for every pro-Biafra groups to unite and come into the Customary Government as equal partners, while still keeping and operating their various groups. We are not asking anybody to collapse his/her group into the Customary Government, but rather we are only offering you a platform where all leaders of all groups will converge as and under one government and pledge allegiance to work together. Therefrom, positions in the government will be shared to all group leaders depending on their areas of operations and proficiency. By this form, the officers gathering in this coalition government, take decisions and implement them as government while still running their various groups' programs and activities.
    The gains therefrom is that there would be no duplication of activities because every individual group's achievements will be harnessed by all and the government. Meanwhile all nations and their governments/international bodies will then be rest assured that any agreement they entered into with our government will be respected by all and sundry. And immediately this government comes on board, our collective efforts will be geared towards the immediate release of all detained freedom fighters, including Ben Onwuka, Nnamdi Kanu, MASSOB members etc.

    This is why the Customary Government of IPOB has been desirous of a united Biafran front as envisaged by the Organization of Emerging African States OEAS some months back. We are therefore, as always continuing to extend our hands of fellowship to all pro-Biafran groups and ethnic nationalities in Biafra land to come and join hands with the Customary Government of IPOB in building a strong but sustainable platform upon which our future independent Biafra nation will rest.
    You can agree with me that when this is done, our quest for referendum, when Nigeria will be forced to allow it and UN cajoled to support it, will be effectively and smoothly executed.
    I hope that with these few points of mine, I have successfully convinced you that all we need for Biafra to emerge soonest is unity under under the Customary Government of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB.

    This is the opinion representing the views of the Customary Government of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB.
    Thank you and God bless.
    Sign: Engr. Aniebue Anthony

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