The Idea behind 'Made in Aba' by JOK

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    The idea behind promoting "made in Aba" is very simple and unambiguous.
    Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is promoting made in Aba so that the producers can have more orders (increased demand) and be forced to buy more equipment and employ more hands to supply the market.
    The govt will in turn get more tax revenues easily and construct more roads, including the roads to Ariaria and other markets.

    Gainfully employed people don't rob or kidnap; so the govt will also save on security expenses and preserve the lives of young Abians who would otherwise have been killed for armed robbery and kidnapping.
    The common Governor is demystifying governance through the application of common sense solutions for common good. That is why everywhere he goes common folks will troop out to shout "Okezuo Abia, Okezuo Abia". Not because he has paved Abia roads with gold in one year. He is just doing common things in a 'commonsensical' way for common folks of uncommon Abia State.

    In essence, when you buy and wear made in Aba shoes or clothes you are claiming part of the credit for every road done by Governor Okezie as well as contributing to making Abia safe.
    Are you patriotic enough to contribute something instead of criticizing all things?
    Call Shoe Planet via 0806 072 0915 and order for made in Aba shoes and clothes if you live in Abuja. Or visit Aba and buy from there then resell anywhere in the world with authentic made in Aba labels. You can even receive international shipments at very little additional cost and open your own boutique abroad.

    Onye obula ga eketariri oke ya.
    Abia is ready for business under the watch of common Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Come and make wealth instead of making noise.

    By John Okiyi Kaly, JOK.
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    Abia State governor Gov. Okiezie Ikpeazu giving his people much needed support

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