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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Onye, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Onye

    Onye Admin Staff Member

    I say this because it is apparent from the silent stance most Igbo people have on the issue of secession, that most Igbo people are not truly 100% for a country of their own, most are still very weary and this comes from the fact that Igbo people heavily rely or live in areas outside of Igboland today and also because of the idea that to push for secession is to be an ignorant tribalist.

    If the Igbo were truly for a country of their own, a number of movements would have taken place, most important of them would have been the relocation of major businesses back to Igboland. It is a myth that there is 'more competition' for Igbo traders and business people in Igboland because these same Igbo people who move out of Igboland go on to trade and compete alongside other Igbo people in places like Lagos and Kaduna. A drastic movement like this would make a blatant statement of the Igbo peoples intentions going forward. One of the reasons this may not be feasible is because the important/export based business Igbo people are heavily involved in is reliant on the port in Lagos.

    The other thing that would happen is that you will get to see more prominent Igbo people, no radical people, openly supporting sentiments for sovereignty from Nigeria or at least a restructuring of the country. Currently, you only have petty traders, youths, and people in the diaspora who are at the forefront of these IPOB protests, you don't have any prominent Igbo person in the forefront at least.

    These are some of the things you would see happen, at least, the east would develop from the stagnant level it has been left at today, many cities and rural areas in Igboland stay deserted for most of the year, people only come back for Christmas, burials, or when they are the ones being buried. There cannot be a successful movement for sovereignty if the most prominent people of a nation all live outside of their homelands.
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  2. Arinzechukwu

    Arinzechukwu New Member

    I agree with you Sir.

    However, if we wait for a perfect condition before we go, then it will be almost impractical to secede.

    They must not move their resources out of their base. After all, we have foreigners in other countries that do business.

    My main point is this: Stay in Lagos because of your business under the conditions given to you as a "Biafra Immigrant". If those conditions are not favourable to you, come home. We are serious but not much push from the Igbo elites who fear government wahala.
  3. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    I think the title of this thread should have been better if it is a question like - Do Igbo really Want a Country of their Own?
    I understand, you are just voicing your opinion based on your observation but when the question if Igbo really want a country of their own, separate of this ill set-up Nigeria, the answer is -YES. If you ask me if I will prefer Igbo nation to secede from this Nigeria, my answer is YES. I am for secession of Igbo from Nigeria, not because we are marginalized and hated (which is TRUE) but because we cannot relish and realise our full potentials in this Nigeria. We never have.

    The issue of secession of Igbo from Nigeria cannot receive 100% support from Igbo people but the truth is - much greater percentage of Igbo people are totally for secession but many have different Idea, eg. I for one don't support the idea of including those tiny tribes from Niger Delta, we need to create harmonious state and the best way of doing it is to totally cut off people that hate us. You might not believe it but the region that hate Igbo most are those in Niger Delta region - I am speaking from first hand experience. I am for all Igbo State, nothing more, nothing less. I think it should be a discussion for another day but let the truth be know; many Igbo people don't support Igbo secession from Nigeria but many more does. If people are to express their opinion freely the ratio should be 1:10 in favour of our people that don't want to be Nigerians again.

    Your point of many people staying outside Igboland doing their business is a good point but I assure you that most rich Igbo investors that heavily invest in Northern Nigeria are now coming back to Igbo land though not en mass. It is worthy to note that our people don't stay one place, it is in our nature to move around and dominate not only in our country but all over the world. I was reading Facebook timeline of one certain black American who keep calling himself Igbo, I think the guy is still in High school. I notice that many of his friends from the school agreed they are Igbo too, according to them their parents told them their root is Igbo in Nigeria. One of the points that guy have is the nature of black Americans and is very similar if not the same to that of Igbo in Nigeria. They move around, mingle with people all of races all places. Dominate business, Sports, Music, Movies etc. He however noted that Igbo people in Nigeria are bit more aggressive, more rugged.
    Back to the point, Igbos residing and establishing outside Igboland does not mean they don't know who they are or where they belong. Take instance in last year protest by IPOB all over Nigeria and beyond, Igbo people in Lagos protested, those in Abuja protested. The only reason there are not many protests in other parts of the country is as a result of security. eg if those in Kano protest, they will be attacked by Hausas/Fulanis. If there is freedom of expression in Nigeria today like Europe, Igbos outside Igboland could have been the one voicing for their own country. I know there are some people outside Igboland who don't want secession as a result of uncertainty of their establishment outside Igboland but believe, many of those people doing business in those area are pissed off.
    Just like you, I am of opinion that our people should start relocating their business back to Igboland. Many people have started but the number is not yet encouraging. It is not something that should be done in a day, it should be done in waves with a well mapped out plan and carefully stratagized.
    One may also have to notice that another reason why our people are moving out to other places especially Lagos is as a result of unavailability of needed amenities, one of them is sea port. Abia or Imo could have been more vibrant today if we have Obaku river port or Imo River port.

    Finally, the notion that Igbos don't want secession because they have business all over Nigeria is a well mapped out lies from the pit of hell. I've said it above and we say it again - it is in our nature to move out and dominate but our mind is always at home. That's why you will see many Igbo young men travel back to village to look for a wife, always send money they make outside to their people. Build the best houses in their villages with the money they make outside, goes back en mass to their home in festive periods etc.
    Igbos don't only have their business all over Nigeria, they do all over the world.
    Using Igbos doing business outside of Igbo land in great number as a marker they don't want their own country is like saying Jews don't want to be Israel because their are more Jews in USA that in their country Israel.

    All being said, we need to move our business back home.
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  4. Arinzechukwu

    Arinzechukwu New Member

    Well said
    Well said. But if they choose not to relocate, unfavourable government immigration policies will force them.
  5. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    I don't understand, can you please explain more of this.
  6. Arinzechukwu

    Arinzechukwu New Member

    Now, if you have a business in Lagos or Kano and refuse to relocate it before Biafra's independence, the fate of the business now rest squarely on the new (of course, anti-Igbo) Nigeria immigration policies. E.g Nigeria may say to all Igbo business people, re-register your business within a month or lose it. That same month, the same Government will frustrate/prevent the said re-registration just to confiscate Igbo people's properties.

    So my point is: Anybody that want such should remain outside Igboland business wise.
  7. Onye

    Onye Admin Staff Member

    I've also observed the strong malice other Niger Delta ethnic groups have for Igbo people which is why I would also prefer an Igbo only country, this is only one of the reasons though, my other reasons are for issues like language and culture, the values you alluded to, and the general authentic sense of nationhood. Not to compare us to other people, but I would like an Igbo country that's like a Germany, South Korea, or Japan.

    My point about businesses wasn't that every Igbo businessman or even every Igbo person should migrate back to Igbolnad, but that basing the businesses outside of Igboland shows that Igbo people are not thinking like a nation like the Fulani people are most successful at doing. The Fulani have seen that desertification is a threat to them so they are going around snatching land in central Nigeria, that's the genesis of all these Fulani massacres.

    Some Igbo people like to compare themselves to Jews or Israel/i's, and Israeli's/Jews they ultimate migrators when it comes to business, yet even the Jews, or at least a significant amount of them, sought it necessary to carve out a homeland for themselves and name it Israel, they invest there first, and you can't find many Jews in the surrounding countries they used to inhabit before Israel, like the Yemenite Jews used to.

    Many expatriates work in Nigeria, for another example, you don't even see them because their head companies have created mini-towns for them, yet Shell's headquarters is still in the Netherlands and Maersk is in Denmark, and China Shipping in China, even with Saudi Arabia being the biggest oil exporter, Shell hasn't based its company in that country, that's the sort of mentality I'm talking about.
  8. Onye

    Onye Admin Staff Member

    I'm also not too keen on the word 'Biafra', I feel that it has no meaning, what do you think?
  9. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    Biafra was named after the Bight of Biafra, located in the present day Akwa-Ibom by a Kalabari man. Just like most African countries who got their name from sea/rivers/lakes eg Chad from Lake Chad, Niger from River Niger, Nigeria from River Niger etc. That Bight still exist today but has been renamed to Bight of Bonny for political reasons. Honestly, I will go with the name Biafra because a lot of people have been killed for her sake coupled with the fact that it's popular already in most African countries eg Igbo people are called Biafrans in Bennin Republic, Togo, Gabon etc. I also think the name Biafra sounds good, easy to pronounce and write. My thought though.
  10. Ugo Ji Udo

    Ugo Ji Udo New Member

    Honestly, it is not a matter of what the Igbo's want for a nation. The truth is that the nation Nigeria cannot survive in its present structure in this era of invasive communication tools like the social media. Such ill structured entities can only survive when the masses are blind to their rights as citizens. Since modern communication tools have exposed the profligacy and incompetence of the political class and the inequities within its geopolitics -it cannot last! As more Nigerians get access to the mobile phone and the internet -the movement down the hill will get faster. No matter what anyone will say about the IPOB -they have in so short a time being able to break down the wall of distrust and discord the Nigeria intentionally sowed among the Igbo tribes, and between the Igbo and the other sister nationalities within the old eastern region to undermine the regions political and economic potency. Indeed, it should bring joy to any member of the old eastern region in Nigeria to be alive and see this coming back -this reunion. Nno!
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