The Igbo: Voice vs. Action

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    Talk is cheap. The Igbo know this too well, which made one Igbo girl, whose maiden name was Ekwueme, to admonish her non-Igbo husband, who was always saying he will die for her, "You always say you will die for me, but have lacked the courage to even make an attempt. Please stop saying what you cannot do. My maiden name means "I do what I say'"
    Those who are always pointing out that the Igbo are not united should remove the log from their eyes before they could see the speck in the eyes of the Igbo. Because of their blindness, they fail to see that the Igbo will always take collective action on any matter relating to pursuit of justice. The Igbo are never afraid.
    Let us have a short history class on tribal unity and pursuit of justice.
    If Brigadier Ogundipe had assumed command as the most senior army officer after the murder of Gen Aguiyi Ironsi, there would not have been the Biafran War. Yes, one man's cowardice was a significant factor that led to our darkest days.

    While Coomdore Ebitu Ukiwe refused to attend Nigeria's Independence celebration as the Second in Command to IBB on matters relating to mere protocol, no Igbo agreed serve in that position, but not so for Chief Ernest Shonekan who led an interim national government at a period his kinsman was in jail for winning an aborted election. Chiefs Abiola and Shonekan are not Igbo.
    What of Oladipo Diya who took up the 2nd in Command position at a period his kinsman who won an election was languishing in prison.
    The igbo was not the President when Chief Bola Ige, a serving minister, was brutally murdered in his own home "when all his aides went to look for food". Chiefs Obasanjo and Bola Ige are not Igbo.
    The Igbo were the ones who betrayed one of their sons who won an election and went cap in hand to Abacha while abandoning the election winner to his fate.
    Who is Nnamdi Kanu compared to Abiola? The Igbo have been protesting the detention of a mere boy who was just a radio announcer. If Nnamdi Kanu had won an election and was detained like Abiola, the Igbo would have torn Nigeria into smithereens.

    Alhaji Lateef Shofolahan who snitched on Kudirat and told Sergeant Rogers that she had left the house was not igbo. The Igbo will never snitch on their own.
    By the way, the Igbo voted for overwhelmly for OBJ, UMYA and GEJ. They rejected Buhari even when an Igbo, Chuba Okadigbo, was his running mate. They rejected him again in 2015.
    The Igbo does not speak with one voice. The Igbo acts with unity of purpose. I need to be educated on instances the Igbo betrayed their own.
    Facts, not fiction. Thank you.

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