The Lecture a Borrowing Customer gave to a Wrong Person - His Banker.

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    "Sir, the bank's management is not happy the way your account is performing, we can't afford to classify your loan" was all I said ooo.
    And he started.
    "Which manufacturing company can borrow at 25% for 5 years to finance procurement of machinery or production plants? "
    "How can a factory in Nigeria borrow at 27% p.a to finance local or foreign purchase of raw materials and still be able to repay its loans as at when due?"
    "The loan price of cost of funding yoke is in addition to the high costs of production especially that of diesel as power supply is now on stand-by."
    "Following the failure or non-functional rail network, the manufacturers also have to buy or lease vehicles to transport their goods across the federation as many haulage companies are no longer reliable as bad roads have damaged all their vehicles and banks treat them as lepers due to their inability to service their loans."
    "The loans to buy transport lorries are priced at 25% p.a."

    "Following the refusal of some governments to pay contractors and salaries to workers, many purchasers of manufactured goods cannot buy as they have no money."
    "Credit sales are not redeemed and the factories have to close down and sack their workers and you banks will write off the loans from your profit or capital. When you do, you share price and premium will go down as investors will take a flight and dump your shares."
    "The workers are withdrawing their children from expensive schools or from school entirely. Many private schools will sack their teachers and close down."
    "The manufacturers and sellers of school bags, wares and books would default on meeting their loan and domestic obligations."
    "Taxes accruing from live companies as well as PAYE will drop and government will continue to underperform."
    "Bank loans in Nigeria are now for those that trade with profit margins of 35% and above whose business cycles are less than 90 days."
    "Contractors with evidence of firm bank payment guarantees are now the darling of bankers."
    "You must have noticed some improvement in power supplies in your neighborhood even when generation has not increased. Magic! "

    "The electricity distribution coys have diverted power from closed or debtor factories to neighbourhoods they are sure to collect their bills from especially those that have records of prompt payment of bills or those that have prepaid meters."
    "FG could curb this trend by reducing the amount that goes into bureaucracy and pump funds to real sectors through Bank of Industry and Deposit Money Banks through On-lending Schemes introduced by the last economic managers."
    "Federal government must make loans available to Industries at a rate not more than 9% p.a. It has to be massive and must be urgent."
    "It is when the factories and all employment generating entities are open and workers are at work that the economy would be reflated."
    "I challenge you to tell me of any serious country where industries or manufacturers borrow at 25% interest rate. These are same countries who we compete with."
    "By the way Mr. Banker, which of our products do you buy or consume"
    At this stage, I had to send an SMS to my bank's Loan Recovery Department to get ready. They have a new client.
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