The man that Named his dog 'Buhari', my views.

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    Joe Fortemose Chinakwe is the 'Igbo' trader that was arrested last month for naming his dog 'Buhari'. I followed the news and was able to 'grab' and 'unveil' some facts, below is what I think.

    Joe Fortemose Chinakwe is just a 30-year-old father of two, his wife was heavily pregnant when he was arrested but she has now delivered (from what I read Yesterday).
    According to him, he named his dog Buhari as an honour to his 'hero', the present President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari. According to the police report he was arrested for naming his dog after his neighbor's father.

    Here is the question that should be asked in this case -
    1. Did he break any law?
    2. Was Police right to have arrested him?
    3. Did he act responsibly?

    1. He did not break any law. There's no law in Nigeria that forbid anyone from naming his dog anything, at least not that I know. At the sight of law he committed no offence.

    2. Yes! Police was very right to have arrested him, his act have the potential of causing public unrest which may lead to serious security cases in the present volatile situation of Nigeria. Naming his dog Buhari or Obasanjo may not be a crime but let's be honest to ourselves - in the society we are today, do you think your neighbor will take it likely to you if you name your dog after his father. To answer this question, how will you act/react if your neighbor whom you are not probably in good terms with names his dog after your father?
    What people failed to understand is that the man that reported him to police was angry a dog was named after his father whose name is also BUHARI not the president of Nigeria. HIS FATHER!

    3. Did he act responsibly? As a man with family to provide and protect, he didn't act responsibly. You may disagree with me but let's look into the matter open-mindedly.
    * The man is an 'Igbo' trader living in a street dominated by FULANI people.
    * He named his dog Buhari not his child, I don't know about you but in the side of world I was born and brought up, naming your dog after a neighbor or somebody is more of taunting/insult than 'honoring'. He may be honest of wanting to honor his hero Buhari but as a man that have some people to protect, he could have asked himself the consequences of his action and should have noted that his motives and reasoning may be can exact opposite of his neighbor. To me, what others think matters too. A Fulani man naming his dog Ojukwu in a street dominated by Igbo or let's say an Igbo radical city of Aba/Onicha is nothing but asking for trouble.
    The man acted irresponsibly for a family man in a Fulani dominated area. That's what I think.
    Please note that I don't want to compare him with Obasanjo (who named a chimpanzee Patience), I'm talking about a man that should be minded of his family not a random brainless attention seeker who shot himself on the foot while trying to shoot another person. Patience Jonathan and Obasanjo, who looks more like a chimpanzee?

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