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    NNAMDI in Igbo means "my father lives on". It is a name given to a child believed to have reincarnated his father or his grandfather.
    "Nnamdi" could also be given to a child who is seen to have the embodiments of his father, grandfather or ancestors.
    KANU, who also is known as Amadioha, is the Alusi (God) of Thunder and lightning of the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria.
    Amadioha is amongst the most feared of Igbo deities and in some parts of Igboland.
    This deity is also referred to in some Igbo dialects as Amadiora, Kamalu, Kamanu, or Ofufe.
    Kanu or Amadioha's governing planet is the Sun.
    The bearers of the name "Kanu" are deemed to have proceeded from the God of Thunder & Lightening or have attributes of the deity.
    People named Kanu are warriors and fear no human beings. They are fiery and take no nonsense from mortals.
    A human named Kanu is also believed to have supernatural abilities to prosecute wars.
    There is something in a name.

    Opinion by Anayo Nwosu.

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