The Need for Abians to Rally Round Gov. Ikpeazu.

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    I salute all NDI ABIA and want to encourage all elders and stake holders in the state to come together and resolve this matter amicably,I was moved to make this passionate able as I can now see that the sitting Governor His Excellency Okezie Ikpeazu has a very good vision for the state.
    I know like many other Abia state citizens that the man did nothing pesonally to offend us but because of the person of T.A Orji whom we are all aware nominated him and we all began to feel that His Excellency Okezie will be like T.A Orji who wa the worst Governor in the whole federation during his tenure,I personally never liked His Excellency Okezie to be the Governor but he has proved in this little time that he is a different man and has the interested of Ndi Abia and Igbo at heart even while he ws in Court with the APGA candidate I was against him.

    Ndi Abia assuming but not conceeding that he came in through the back or has any issue with documentation,I will plead on all well meaning Abia sons and daughters to come out en-mass and talk to Uche Ogah to burry the hatchet and have an agreement which must be bidding on His Excellency Okezie Ikpeazuafter his first tenure because this man is really working and it is on record that he alone was the Governor from the East who condemed openly the actions of the Fulani people in Enugu state,he also made it clear that the is no land available for them in our region and I guess that might be another reason for this Judgement because it never went down well with the government in power.

    My brother Uche Ogah please understand with His Excellency Okezie Ikpeazu,am sure you both may have been good frends do not let politics bring enemity,I can understand that you may have a good case but starting allow over afresh when this man have gone far may bring suffering to Ndi Abia,I plead with you to consider the masses,God will surely lift you higher.
    Now Your Excellency Okezie Ikpeazu I advise you take a bold step to safe this situation,if Ndi Abia will be more happy with you,it will be very important that you bring T.A Orji to book,do no worry because someone said you cannot do that as it will amount to biting the finger that fed you but I as a person totally disagree with that because T.A Orji did not do a quater for what Orji Uzor did to make him the Governor then,do not forget that Orji Uzor even handed over power to him before the expiration of his tenure as Governor of Abia because T.A orji had a case to answer then and Orji Uzor could have used his persona money to make him Governor but in your own case if really he did it was the stae funds,so throw caution in the wind and bring him to book I believe that is what anyone person jubilating for Uche Ogah to come in and do as the governor.

    I do not want to be misunderstood I have nothing against Uche Ogah but trying to make the state move forward,sometimes what we want is not want God has in stock for us,let us remember the story of Esau and Jacob in the bible,it was true that Jacob came in frm the bac door but that was the will of God for him and he performed very well in his generation.
    I call the great man Orji Uzor Kalu,Ndi Eze Abia all the political class to come on board and settle this matter out of court,I know you people can do it for the state to move forwrad let us for get on the various toes the past administration dis step on and give our brother and son His Excellency Okezie Ikpeazu the maximum support to lead the state to the promise land.
    Your Excellency,make proper consultations and approach everybody that needs to be talked to,no matter how low youmay see the person.

    I will continue to pray that this matter is resolved and you continue the good work you are doing in Abia State.

    By Concerned Abian.

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