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    I used to support Rev. Fr. Okpalaeke's nomination as the Bishop of Ahiara because I saw and still see Catholic as one universal body. But when I realised the desperation both waring parties apply in pursuance of the elevated position and the fraud in the process, I decided to review my decision. Worthy of note is the fact that the purported petition and
    rejection of an Mbaise preist who was purportedly chosen as the bishop by the pope is a big lie. Now, what is the
    name of the so-called Mbaise preist that was rejected by Mbaise people which led to punishing them with selection a
    non indigenous preist as their bishop? No one knows till now as that has remained a hear-say. Who and who signed the purported petition that prompted your change of mind? That has remained a rouse. Where is a copy of the so-called petition? Non has been published till date.

    Was the so-called priest given fair hearing before you decided to change him with Okpalaeke? If you had applied 1/100th of the energy you have expended on your quest to install Okpalaeke, on the enthroning the purported/so-called Mbaise preist( who till today is only known by you), would you not have settled the matter for long? Better put why were you so quick to withdraw your so-called Mbaise preist who would have been an easier sell, but remain hellbent on installing more difficult Okpalaeke? You said that God chose Okpalaeke hence any one opposing him is opposing God's decision. Now for your clarity; a preist is ordained. A bishop is selected. Ordination is divine. Selection is polictal. Divination is of God. Politics is
    man-made. In summary, God ordains a preist. A bishop is selected by men.

    Again, a preist can only be sent out of his diocese to preside over another on permanent basis, only on an ''EVANGELISTIC MISSION''. The whiteman came to Africa on evangelistic mission. And when the gospel spread and enough evangelist were raised in Africa, he left. One fact is that you don't send an evangelist to a place that has more than enough evangelists to export. Mbaise Diocese has the highest number of preist in Africa. Therefore, sending external preist to preside over them on permanent basis is pure trouble making.

    Again, the diocese met the require criteria for replacement of their late bishop. The late bishop sent his three statutory
    nominees. Also there is a provision for 21 other qualified preist that must be listed incase the first 3 could not make
    it, and Mbaise diocese provided this list. I now ask; what happened to the three nominees sent by their late bishop?
    Also is there no single qualified preist among the 21 man backup list provided by the Diocese? I also came to realise
    that the opposing preists are not asking for an Mbaise born preist. Rather, they request that a preist ordained in the
    diocese be made bishop weither he is an Mbaise son or not, as they have clearly noted that there are preist of the
    diocese who are not sons of Mbaise but are very qualified to mount the saddle.

    Before you liken the selection of Fr. Okpalaeke to any other free appointment by government, where an Mabaise man or any other could assume any elevated position in any government parastatals/ institutions anywhere around the country, I
    want you to remember that those gvt institutions were built and still being mentained by allocation from Abuja which is
    a collective wealth of all Nigerians, including Mbaise people. The institutions are built with tax payers money and
    Mbaise people also pay tax. But Catholic Diocese of Mbaise is solely a property/ institution built by Mbaise people alone
    excluding any other, for the upliftment of their souls and spirit. While government institutions get allocation from
    Abuja( the nation's capital), Mbaise diocese sends contribution to run and mentain Vatican( the catholic capital). By implication, Mbaise diocese gets no financial support from any other place apart from Mbaise leities and people.

    Therefore, it is clear that Fr. Okpalaeke has been sent on an Evangelistic Mission to a very wrong location where there are several Evangelists who are more qualified than himself.

    Finally, I repeat:
    A preist is ordained.
    A bishop is selected.
    Ordination is divine.
    Selection is political.
    Divination is of God.
    Politics is man-made.

    Inyama Iyke is a public affairs analyst.

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