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    Senate told us that adverse security reports made them decline the confirmation of the appointment of Ibrahim Magu as the EFCC chairman.
    Believe this and be fooled.
    Ibrahim Magu was not schooled in power game. He might have underestimated the power of the senate.
    He shouldn't have allowed his staff to antagonize, criminalize in the media, or promise to deal with or start dealing with the very same people that will confirm his appointment.
    Nobody would procure ammunition his enemy would use to kill him. It is called self- preservation or enlightened self interest.
    Some of the high ranking senators or their cronies are being investigated or prosecuted by the anti-graft agency.
    He should have tactically left the corrupt senators alone until he was confirmed the EFCC chairman. It's called wisdom.
    I pitied Magu when his officers were gleefully giving embarrassing evidence against the Senate President at the Code of Conduct Tribunal. And the senators who escorted Saraki to the tribunal were taking notes.
    Today was the turn of the senators to exercise their privileged power; and that they did.
    1. Do not expect your victim or potential victim to lend you a gun to be used to kill him.
    2. Identify the powers that could make or mar your appointment or its retention. Devise a way to manage those forces.
    3. Overzealousness in impressing one of three co-owners of an entity will lead to the termination of the appointment of the zealot as a compromise. Magu mistakenly saw the executive as his only boss.
    4. Appearance of inscrutability or unfriendliness may be very offensive to the very people that would approve your appointment.
    I should reasonably think that Ibrahim Magu, an incorruptible officer with little or no finesse, would be very confused. He didn't expect what happened and how it happened.
    He is alone now in his ordeals as many people would have started scheming to replace him.
    Could it be that the Senate didn't want the concentration of the EFCC Chairman, Chief of Army Staff and National Security Adviser in just one state-Borno?
    A lopsided appointment of key security heads from one state to me, is weighty enough security report to deny Ibrahim Magu a confirmation.
    By refusing to confirm the appointment of the acting EFCC chairman, the Senate would have started fighting the Appointment Corruption.

    Opinion by Anayo Nwosu.

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