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    This post was created by an Igbo activist, Osita Mordi on Proudly Anioma, proudly Igbo Facebook group.

    I appreciate and I think I am doing this on behalf of many of us to Nollywood for some of the new Igbo movies produced these days. Each dialect is emphasized rather than the more centralized dialects (Izugbe type) and there is a comic dimension to it. I have watched several of these movies such as Abakaliki Girls; Ada Owerri, Ada Mbaino; Ada Mbaise; and Nwaanyi Nnewi. Watching these movies had broaden my understanding and perspective. There is actually no "Igbo" language as some of my Anioma people claim. Each dialect is unique. I understood perfectly Chioma Chukwuka's Nwaanyi Nnewi (except for a few nouns) but Abakaliki Girls was more of a challenge for me. However, I did appreciate what makes the Igbo language and people thick.

    In many respects, the Igbo people remind me of Germans. Europeans of other nations never wanted the German people to unite and at a time there were over 300 chiefdoms in Germany. Because of this fragmentation, Germans never colonized like the British or French. They relatively did not occupy much land area like the French since they were very localized. Another result is the diversity of the dialects in the country. There are over 50! Most are hardly understood. Some of the dialects are even closer to Dutch language. It was Napoleon that gave Germans the sense of coming together and it was a long process which led to strong nationalism and consequently the world wars. Just like the Germans and Japanese, we Igbos should adopt strategies to build up Igbo land. We should as well understand that we may lose parts of Igbo land such as Ikwerre land( as a result of the divide and conquer strategy of the federal Govt) . We Aniomas must however not be deceived from abandoning our Igbo kith and kin. We are not and cannot be trivial like the Ikwerre people. It is not in our interest. We are stronger if we are together. We should learn from the Germans. Igwe bu ike!

    Please note that I take no credit for the post created above. The credit has been fully given to the poster.

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