The truth of Ben Bruce's Comment about Igbos.

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    The Senator representing Bayelsa East constituency, in Bayelsa State Senator Ben Murray-Bruce recently tweeted his mind about Nigerian need fro true Federalism. Below is what he tweeted in his official twitter page on 17th June, 2016.

    Below is an affirmative article posted by Ifeyinwa China Oyeabo -
    All of you quoting Ben Bruce's sudden realization that it is those with pure talent that survives in the world, is it that you have been blind all these while I have been telling you that the Igbo can survive?
    There is oil in Anambra but not yet adding to revenue of the country so we cannot call Anambra an oil producing state for now.

    Finally, Nigerians like Senator Common Sense are beginning to see what people like me saw more than 6 years ago. More than 6 years ago, I told people that the igbo can survive on their own WITHOUT OIL.
    We are a hard working bunch. Despite the fact that some people are now trying to make it look like its criminality due to some few criminal elements in our midst..

    Do you know that igbo boys at Berger construct Tractor parts? Go to Aba and see what the few with zeal that have not been demolished by bad country, are doing.
    Go to Nnewi. We made motorcycle to come cheap in Nigeria. The only thriving independent industry in Nigeria without government support (minus GEJ) is Nollywood. Nurtured by the igbo. The interesting thing is they did not hijack and make it an igbo thing. In Nollywood, other tribes win award. It's a level playing field.

    Anambra State not Lagos, has been the most poverty free state in Nigeria for so many years. Igbo areas in Nigeria are the leading areas in education. When you see Lagos in the list, verify, igbo children added it to that list.
    Compare Anambra State with the neighboring Kogi State that is coming to fight for oil deposits in Aguleri and you see the gap. Kogi is busy fighting for oil and relying on federal allocation but Anambra is taking giant strides.
    Enugu State was amongst the 5 highest IGR states. Enugu without an industry. Imagine Enugu with an industry
    Sadly, Nigeria rewards stupidity. Isn't that the reason Kano will receive VAT on alcohol more than Anambra (which produces beer) even though beer is prohibited in Kano.

    Nigeria should simply push the igbo away. That is before the oil in Anambra becomes that of the North. Nnamdi Kanu is far sighted. Hate him all you human we all.make mistakes. If he got it wrong in some aspects, what matters to me is the Crux of his message.
    I give full credit of the above article to a Ifeyinwa China Oyeabo, she posted it oh her Facebook timeline.

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