The Whole City is Watching!

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    There's this husband and wife that use to quarrel all the time. As a result, the wife will not allow the hubby to touch her.
    One day the man came back home and to his surprise, his very quarrelsome and rude wife became super friendly.
    Came out of the door to hug his husband.
    Gave him a peck. Called him darling. Took his bag and walk him inside.
    The man was totally lost and startled. To kill it all, the wife sat him down and bend down to remove his shoes and stockings.
    Telling him, darling, dinner is ready. Let me serve it. When the wife went in to bring out dinner wondering what the wife was up to. He remembered that she took a fertility drug.

    Oh! He thought, she must have been sex choked. And, the man having formed the habit of visiting his lady friend for sex since the wife started denying him sex, in attempt to make it up to the wife for her surprised good manners brought out his joystick and started squeezing it to come up. When the wife will be coming out he will hide it. When the wife goes back to the kitchen, he will bring it out again and start to squeeze it.

    At a point, speaking aloud, he said, chie, no wonder I was having double mind about sleeping with Nkechi today-not your own Nkechi abeg. Dinner served.
    Putting her hands across his husband's shoulder and pointing to CCTV wired all over the house, the wife announced.

    "Honey, there's this new 'Live' television program the local television started. They visit families without notice and film how they are living. The whole city are watching us live" The man fainted.
    By Peter Agba Kalu.

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