Total Elimination of Descrimination against Mbaise and Ngwa People.

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    I was very young when I was told how wicked and inhumane the people of Mbaise in today's Imo State and Ngwa of today's Abia State were.

    MBAISE :
    The story of Mbaise people was nothing to write home about, they were described as the most wicked people on earth, more venomous than rattle snake and relating with them should be very unwise as nothing good come out of them. There was then a saying that if Mbaise person and a snake came into your house that you should kill the Mbaise man / woman before the snake as they are more dangerous than snake. These arose a kind of curiosity in me, though I have never met an Mbaise man or woman, I began to imagine how ugly they would look, how wicked they should be etc.

    The story of Ngwa to me then was more scary, I was told that Ngwa people feed on human flesh only and they will do anything to hunt any available human being for meat. The story stated that in their hunting season they will move around their neighborhood to kidnap available person and keep them in cage for daily meat. If any stranger traveled to Ngwaland and miss road, that's the end of their life as they will very like end up in the pot of soup of 'lucky' Ngwa household!

    As stupid as the story sounded, I believed them. Yes, I know I was rather dense to believe such rubbish but to be fair to myself, I was young and stupid. You know young and stupidity works hand in hand.
    The first time I came in contact with an Mbaise man was when I was in my mid teen, his name was Ndubisi, a young man who should be in his mid twenties then with every look of a complete Igboman. I understand every bit of his Mbaise dialect though some of them sound funny to me. I got an exact opposite of what I was expecting, a kind man loved by people around. Makes joke just locals... I later came in contact with another Mbaise, this time a young girl of about the same age with me. We later became friends, I mean friends AND NOTHING MORE ;). If you know me real life you'll understand I hardly make friends and yet I make a friend out of the 'horrible' Mbaise people. Says a lot, didn't it?
    The story of Ngwa people is quite straightforward, they are everything you need in a total Igboman, blends with locals easily, flow with other Igbo people around them, hardworking, creative, you can't intimidate them, fearless, fight for what they believe in.

    The simple end point of this is - there's nothing different between Mbaise people, Ngwa People and other Igbo people. You should be ashamed of yourself if you are among those calling them bad names and to put the record straight, you are worse than them.
    Those who discriminates their fellow Igbo should be considered dangerous and have no place in Igboland.
    Anywhere in Igboland and beyond, Igbo is one, none is greater or smaller, none is wiser.
    Say no to discrimination of your fellow Igbo.
    Igbo Bu Ofu
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