Featured Tribal 'Marketing' and 'Detribalization' of Ndigbo.

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by izu, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Izu

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    The recent resurgent of the anti-Igbo trend in Nigeria which is very much in the air today may be causing more harm than we thought. Yes, I know 'none can pull us down' but let's think of it, how can Igbo sons and daughters who are supposed to be proud of their tribal heritage prefer to be call Niger Deltans ( which is never a name of any tribe in Nigeria or anywhere on earth) than to be called Igbos which is their true identity and heritage. I will try not to dwell on this as I will dedicate a full thread for it, in the main time, let me drive straight to the point.

    I was recently browsing some news on this particular Arsenal talented young striker born in England but of Igbo descent (both parents are Igbo) until I came across this comment -
    For a start the name of the player in question is Chuba Amachi Akpom, born in England of both Igbo parents, joined Arsenal Football Academy at the tender age of six and signed his first professional contract at the age of 15 in 2012.
    My question is simple - how can somebody see the name Chuba Amechi Akpom and still call him 'his fellow Yoruba'?
    The comment I printed the screenshot and uploaded above is in one of the most popular Arsenal Blog which attracts visitors from the four corners of the earth. That bloke is trying to 'market' his tribe as the best in Nigeria or even in Africa, you never can tell.
    Such a person do not be surprise will be first to identify Igbo name if any news room publishes the name of the arrested drug peddlers. They will be the first to call him Igbo. I bet if the name like this (God forbid) surfaces as an arrested drug dealer they would be the first to call him omo Igbo.

    I know I shouldn't be bothered of this but it truly pissed me off. What the hell is this trash? So Igbo cannot have talents again? Why is every single talent turning to (insert other Nigerian tribe here) while every criminal is Igbo?
    This is annoying, really!
  2. Onye

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    First of all, our people do not know their history, do not be surprised when an "Igbo denier" reveals their lack of knowledge over general history. Many people in Nigeria are greatly ignorant in certain fields one of the major ones being history, this is why our people section themselves off into states that were created less than 30 years ago. People believe that the state boundaries and the Niger River along with other physical and Nigerian territorial boundaries signifies ethnicity and kinship, that's why a community caught between Imo and Rivers State have developed as separate peoples despite being one Igbo group. The only way to combat this mentality is education and the spreading of the unbendable truth.

    Secondly, the person who commented on Chuba Akpom being 'Yoruba' may have done it out of error or ignorance of Nigerian cultures, many people in the diaspora believe their group is the only group or language in Nigeria and they may not know enough about their own culture to differentiate names, it may be the reason why the person put Yoruba in quotes, just a thought. Anyway, this just shows how Igbo success is easily absorbed into other groups in Nigeria or stripped of Igbo association, this is only one in the many reasons why I believe we should have an Igbo country, but that's a separate but heavy point.
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    I think he used the double quote on "Yoruba" to emphasize the greatness of his tribe and the talents they have, don't get me wrong I have nothing against Yoruba as an ethnic group/tribe but I have problem with them claiming every single Igbo talent and linking every crime to Igbo. Thanks.

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