Uche Ogah; Beyond Politics. by Peter Agba Kalu.

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    Of recent, a lot truth and lies has been said about
    Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah the President of Masters Energy, all because of politics. I think, after all the noise it's about time I state the obvious truth having waited for long.
    Some even said that he's not Igbo, but I can assure that this man has shown his love for the Igbo man by making sure that he established one of the biggest industrial complex in West Africa today at Onuaku, Uturu in Abia State. So, as his image maker, I owe the public that seek the sincere truth about this young man this facts. One day, me and Ogah were heading to a meeting somewhere at Victoria Island, Lagos. On sighting the Eco land fill development that was going on, he told me that he has decided that any major investment he will do henceforth will be in Igbo land. On another occasion, after dropping me at my hotel, picking interest on such a beautiful Marvel Suite, he promised to build such tourist attraction in lgbo land. Not only that, majority of his employees are Igbo. He has equally built over 200 houses free for families not related to him across Igbo land. Yet, someone who's only contributions to Igbo land is the little pieces of sliver he receives from politicians stealing and who has stole our commonwealth over the years will come on social media to tag OGAH a northerner.
    If you are interested in the truth about Ogah and Master Energy, please kindly exercise patience and read about the Company that started its’ oil trading activities from inception in trading petroleum derivatives such as: Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gasoline Oil (AGO), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) and Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO). I even heard one commentator quired about Ogah's investments and the over 4,000 employee figure we brandish about, I kept quiet for such to expose self and dance in ignorance.
    Ogah did not only own the biggest individual tank farm in West Africa, today, Master Energy has become a big player involved in bulk petroleum sales through vessel trans-shipments, coastal bunkering e.t.c. As it stands now, you cannot count the coperate pillars that are contributing in the national economic stabilization without counting on Masters Engery.
    When the founder, Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah incorporated Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd in 2005 to operate fully in the oil and gas sector. Am sure he never anticipated for the group to grow so large within a short expanse of time. Well, like the song writer wrote, everything na God’s will.
    within a short period of time Master Energy has expanded and diversified to assume leading positions not only in the oil and gas sector, but Power, EPC, Petrochemicals, Aviation, Shipping and Marine businesses.
    Masters Energy since inception of operations has not just remained relevant in petroleum products trading through constant importation of petroleum products at competitive price, thereby impacting positively on the economy of the nation. It is today, one of the biggest forces in the downstream petroleum sector.
    Being a highly innovative company, and desirous to create superior values for stakeholders and partners. Every year, with the group being piloted by the young dynamic Ogah's innovative leadership, continues to break new grounds and attains greater heights. And from every available business indications in the next few years Masters Energy will be the world’s bench-mark in oil and gas industry as it is working to be in position to provide world-class service delivery to their clients through sound management system, innovation and technology; while ensuring adequate returns to our stakeholders.
    Today, Masters Gas, a fledgling subsidiary of Masters Energy Group, is becoming Nigeria’s foremost premium Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – cooking gas. With an ultra modern gas filling facility located in Lagos and another major – LPG plant under construction in Port-Harcourt, Masters Gas is positioning itself to meet nearly 60% of Nigeria’s LPG needs at very cost effective and affordable prices especially for Nigeria’s growing population and middle class. They are currently constructing smaller plants in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria to effectively meet the growing demand.
    Masters Gas LPG plants, products and accessories meets the strictest Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policies and customer service standards and guarantee premium safety, quality, quantity, reliability. Their after sales services ensure that millions of customers across the country derive utmost benefits of her products. With a customer feedback system that ensures that they get to know exactly how customers feel about their service which helps them to serve the people better.
    Masters Gas has also invested hugely in an effective distribution network via product pipelines and trucks for its products that will at its completion serve all the Nigerian state capitals and cities.
    In line with this vision, their strategic plan includes a natural gas distribution network and captive power solutions for distribution to industrial and commercial consumers and also harnessing the potential of a distribution that transverses the West African region especially in Ghana, Cote D’ Ivoire, Benin Republic, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia. Where they also operate and also contribute the gas supplies for Nigeria’s and West Africa’s gas powered power generation plants.
    Destiny Marine & Shipping Company Limited is one of the subsidiaries of Masters Energy Group. The Company was established as a shipping company on the 5th of April, 2006. It is incorporated as a petroleum product freighting company and fully licensed by Department of Petroleum Products (DPR) to engage in other maritime freights with full permit. It is also licensed by the Nigerian Ports Authority to carry out maritime duties.
    Masters Energy is importers, bulk buyers and sellers of petroleum products. We also do retail marketing which includes on the spot depot sales of product, supply to corporate organisations, private businesses; institutional users like hospitals, fast food outlets, churches, filling stations and individuals.
    One cannot in all sincerity do a comprehensive story on Masters Energy without laying few emphases on the personality behind it. When Rev. Robert Schuller wrote, ‘Great people are ordinary people with extra-ordinary amount of determination while Pastor Yongi Cho penned, “if you don’t make your vision great, your vision will make you great”. They were thinking of great iconoclastic like Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah the President of Masters Energy. A dynamic young man imbibed with sublime and indomitable spirit who through his accomplishments at Masters Energy, has made us to realize that tough times strengthen the tough, harden their resolve to break even and reveal their hidden potentials to overcome difficulties. To tell his story is to write a book.
    But, in a brief, Uche Ogah is the story of courage combining with determination, faith in God mixing with tireless efforts borne out of conviction, some people call it luck. I belong to the school of thought that tagged it grace. But today, am not going to dwell much on his person as a lot has been written about him.
    This revolutionary extra-ordinary man through his organization, Masters Energy proved that impossibilities of life vanish the moment they are confronted by tough-minded brave hearts that respects or recognizes any obstacle, limit or precincts. Welcome to the Masters Energy Group.
    From the onset he aimed Masters Energy to be a world class player, today; in line with that vision the group has business association with other reputable global players. In this class, what holds sway is Relationship, Integrity, Ethics, Trust and Quality Service. Our philosophy and shared values are the hallmark on which our pillars of success are built.
    These major milestones and record setting achievements that have been attained by the group has earned her awards, certificates and recognition both in Nigeria and internationally. It was in this wise that the President of Masters Energy Group, Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, emerged BusinessWorld Newspaper Man of the Year 2014. And Sun Newspaper Investor of the Year 2015. Dr. Ogah’s selection as the Business World Newspaper Man of the Year by the Editorial Board of the Newspaper was informed by his monumental investment and contribution to the growth of Nigerian economy through Masters Energy. This was also coupled with projection that his business empire which cuts across different sectors of the economy is providing employment to tens of thousands of Nigerians. With outlets and selling points in Bauchi, Ekiti, Benue, Lagos, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Rivers, Imo, Anambra, Enugu, Oyo, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Plateau, Edo, Ondo and Ebonyi. With a vision to expand to all major cities and capitals, this projection by BusinessWorld is in perfect order.
    These outlets are normally filling stations which serve as her main retail outlets. Over the years, there has been a quantum leap in the number of Master Energy filling stations scattered all over the country. The retail outlets are serving as a very important point that is helping the group to bring petroleum products closer to the people at affordable prices. They also help them to build strong corporate presence across the nation. Nigerians not benefiting so far from them should wait as they have a long term strategic plan of having retail outlets in all state capitals and major towns in Nigeria.
    With over 100 (33,000 liters) trucks in its fleet, their Transport Division effectively and efficiently bridges petroleum products of all parts of Nigeria; and 30 (10,000 litres) metered digitized trucks which peddle petroleum products to smaller local consumers like Fast food outlets, private homes, churches, telecommunication companies base stations e.t.c. in Lagos, South East and its environs. Their Transport Division also supplies products to our filling stations across Nigeria and also is leased to other organisations. They have an ultra modern transport yard which conveniently accommodates the trucks, and all repairs and maintenance of trucks are carried out therein. This Division also offers logistics services to outsiders.
    So far, Masters Energy remains a leading Nigerian content player, giving priority in the employment of Nigerians from various backgrounds. Same attention is also given to goods and services produced in-country. Community issues are well articulated and executed as part of their corporate social responsibility policy. This is because the company’s policy trust is centered on Creativity, Passion, Teamwork, Integrity and Excellence which they believe is the way to go if Nigeria must achieve her vision.
    Masters Energy has built a multi-billion naira storage facility of 158,000 metric tons petroleum products in Port Harcourt, which has over the years helped in no small way to stabilize petroleum products, making them both available and affordable in different parts of the country, as they organization did last Christmas by playing a role to make sure there was no scarcity. The group has provided direct and indirect employment to citizens of the Nigeria and beyond in the spirit of the federal government’s rehabilitation and amnesty programmes.
    As if all these are not enough, within the confines of Masters Energy City lies a multi-million naira fabrication yard, established in 2010 for the purpose of fabrication and construction of equipments for use, not only in the oil and gas industry, but also beyond the sector. At the moment, the fabrication yard has constructed different 1,000 MT capacity barges and additional 3 barges.
    As a result, it’s not an over statement to state that the Masters Energy Group has single handedly changed the face of oil business in the old East with the group’s massive tank farm that is next to none in the West Coast of Africa and added a jetty that opened the space for international cruise to dock.
    In the course of building a large business empire from 2006 till date, Masters Energy has created a large repository of human resource teams and consultants that have been instrumental to the group’s transformative investment culture. Having employed and used consultants from Africa, Asia and Europe – some of which are scholars for international organisations like World Bank, IMF etc, the Organization garnered wide ranging experience and knowledge in team building and people development within a decade across five continents.
    To add to this, the organization has created a huge business lay-out in Ogun state and built ultra modern complexes in Lagos. To crown it all it has created several energy distribution points within the south-east zone and built a multi-billion naira integrate industrial city at Uturu, Abia State, known as Masters Energy Industrial City, which is expected to grow the economy of Abia state because of the high number of business it would attract from across the world. Already about eleven companies are springing up within the Masters Energy Industrial City in Abia State. These companies include: fertilizer plant, plastic plant, lubricant plant- producing seven product lines – engine oil, grease, Hydraulic, Cooking gas, transmission oil, Gear Oil, Noodles Plant, steel manufacturing (which produces pipe for offshore drilling) and mechanized palm production plants. Some of these plants are at 100% completion stage. The products of these companies will contribute in no small way to the economical development of Abia State, Nigeria and West African states; in addition to the creation of new jobs for the unemployed. Masters Energy Group is projected to have over 42,000 direct and indirect work force by the time these projects come on stream.
    Recently they acquired 300 hectares of land in Abia State for massive agricultural development to be known as Masters Energy Agricultural City. It will have green houses, poultry, fisheries, biogas units.
    Perhaps this is in line with the founder’s proclivity for making others happy, which he considers among the best of his virtues and his love for the poor, are what motives most of the group people oriented projects.
    The life lessons to learn through the life of the founder is to discover that you are definitely not alone if you are going through a setback or difficult situation in life. Like Ogah , Almost all of today’s successful people, innovators and great minds whose footprint in the sands of time cannot be erased by any storm, have experienced far more devastating setbacks. But instead of giving up to their circumstances, they rather, marched on, putting their mistakes, inabilities and shortcomings behind them. They pressed forward to challenge and battle their fears and hopelessness to a standstill, overcoming it to leave a lasting legacy of success for the future generations to follow. Restoration of his Abia State mandate is the next call and once God said, no human being can stop it. That is the Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah story. That is the Masters Energy story for those who beyond politics are interested in the truth. All the same, in other to justify their pay, trash talkers can continue. If talking trash and peddling lies about and against Ogah is the only way these politicians will use funds meant for Civil Servants salaries to pay you, qontinue.

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