Uncanny British Foresight.

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    One day we will thank the British for leaving the EU. As an amateur historian, I am amazed at decisions taken by the Birish that show foresight on protection of British Interest.
    To save their Monarchy, the British gave the world the Magna Carta, which formed the basis of most of the fundamental rights the free world enjoy today. Case closed.

    The French had to guilotine their Monarchs before they could proclaim Liberty, Equality and Egalitarianism.
    When the British lost the 13 colonies that formed the core of what is now known as the United States to rebels who got help from France, they shared Canada with France. Case closed.
    Canada is still British with French regions.

    While the French were busy assimilating their colonies to create equality and French citizens of all races thereby making immigration to France easy, the British had the Commonwealth that made travel to Britain easy. Case closed.
    Today, we can say that the French assimilation policy failed; the children of the assimilated did not become French.
    Have you read "A line in the Sand?" That was British diplomacy at its best. The Middle East was shared between the France and Britain, without firing a gun. Case closed.
    After the British studied the peoples that currently make up the geographic expression now known as the Igbo, they lumped them to thereby with Northern dead weights to make sure the Igbo will not fulfill their full potentials. That case has refused to close even as the British continues to reap the fruit in oil and gas.

    by Emeka Maduewesi

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