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    Many Nigerians are amazed at the continued agitation of the Igbos for a restructured Nigeria or a self-rule.
    This amazement cum frustration was summarised in Buhari's recent rhetoric question on a national TV of "what do Igbos want?".
    A cursory understanding of Igbo's worldview would unmask the reason behind their 47 year-old agitation. Igbo want Nigeria to implement ONWENU NA-EKE NOT ORINU NA-EKE (i.e let the owner or major contributors not the major beneficiaries dictate the sharing formula).
    The agitation stems from Nigeria's lack of understanding of an Igbo belief that "onwenu na-eke" meaning that only the owner of a property has the inalienable right to share or to give to non-owners or receivers irrespective of the population of the non-owners.

    This belief is solely the reason why the Igbos strive to earn or acquire what they need or want to avoid receiving humiliation or insults from the owner who is supposed to be the sharer.
    No self-respecting Igbo person budgets or plans with the resources of another man. It is a taboo. Igbo resist any attempt by another person or group of persons to determine how the fruits of their labour are shared.
    This what happens at the Federal Revenues Allocation Meetings where the resources of Nigeria are shared based on population, land mass and mere 13% based on derivation.

    Natural resources are still owned by federal government just as states and individuals are forbidden from engaging in some core infrastructural development without federal government's approval which may be denied.
    It is a taboo in Igboland for a person to receive without justification a share of revenue one didn't work for. It makes people enjoy being poor and dependent.

    Igbo would rather work hard and earn its revenues and pay tax to federation account. It is our culture.
    From the family up to town level, people partake in the sharing from the commonwealth based on their contributions not by shear number or politics.
    The rich is persuaded not coerced to help the poor. This ideology makes the poor to strive hard to succeed to avoid the indignation of having to beg.
    Many Igbo communities had outlawed begging as a profession. No Igboman gives a dime to a healthy beggar. He is rather forced to learn a trade so as to earn a decent living. 
    Many of Igbo states are being turned to beggars. Igbos feel offended.

    The Igbo believe :
    1. that they don't share the same economic philosophy with most of the main ethnic groups in the country;
    2. that the structure of governance has made it impossible for Igbos to fly as high as they are capable of;
    3. that some ethnic groups are so lazy and unambitious and have perfected through federal laws ways of cornering to their regions the huge chunk of federal resources;
    4. that Igbos would rapidly develop if they govern themselves, make their own laws and apply their own revenues in their priority areas;
    5. that the Igbo nation would have by now competing with the western world in terms development; and
    6. that an independent Igbo country would enable them organise himself to address issues of common interests.
    If Nigeria institutes Fiscal Federalism today, the ferocity of Igbo-own county agitation would abate.

    By Anayo Nwosu.

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